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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ask the Readers: What are your top coupons?

I try to post internet printable coupons that I think everyone would like to have but would really like to know more about what you (as individuals/families) are looking for!

Help me...help you!

I know what coupons I look for but I would LOVE to know what coupons you look for!

Leave me a comment and let me know what types of coupons you would like me to find and post for you!

You can list the product name or be general (such as diapers or veggies etc)!

I would like to post a few coupons per day if I can find them! Give me some ideas and I can start hunting them down for you!


dawsonkammie said...

I look for & Need these types of coupons:
Pasta -any brand
dish detergents -any brand
dishwasher detergent - any brand
cereal - any brand
snacks - such as chips, fruit snacks, granola bars, little debbie cakes, ice cream, pretty much any type of snack there is, etc.
Pop Ice Popsicles
Fruits - Fresh Any type
Veg's- Fresh or Can any type
Laundry Detergent- Any Brand
Toilet Paper- Cottonelle, Angel Soft, Or Northern
Diapers & Wipes- any brand
Fabric Softener - Downey, Gain, Snuggle
Paper towels, plates, napkins, & cups- any brand
Coca-Cola - Any Brand of soda but not generic
Shampoo & Conditioner- Any Brand
Toothpaste- Any Brand
Hand Soap- Dial or Softsoap
Meats - Any Type
Deodorant, body wash -any brand

I hope I didn't list too much & I hope it helps. Keep up the good work!!

Silvia Fuentes said...

I need coupons for Align

momma-lana said...

My favorite coupons are for Fresh Express salads.

Anonymous said...

Any coupon that can be used with store deals, like BOGO, to make the products free are ALWAYS best!

Otherwise, I find it pretty difficult to find coupons for "fresh" things like bread, vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc.

Any high-value coupons are also nice to know about.

Jen said...

High value coupons for work lunches are always nice - like the recent healthy choice coupons!

Kim Sorensen said...

My Grandmother is on a limited income in a Assisted Living Facility so I am always on the hunt for Poise or Depends Coupons

Savings With Sadie said...

We seem to go through batteries fast- it is as if someone is eating them - and they are expensive. I love the P & G Duracell Q. About a month ago, I snagged a deal -- $30 in Duracell batteries for Free. The batteries went on sale at my grocer and they were wiped out. I got two rain checks for 3 sets of batteries each. I waited until the store restocked and coupons tripled. All six packs ended up being free and I would have had overaged but HT does not give overage.

My biggest saving is on household products such as paper and cleaning products. Dairy and cheese and good q's too.

Right now we are holding on to the $10 Q for Crest White Strips for my daughter and I am looking for a good sale on it. My daughter loves the personal products Q.

Col said...

Top coupons for me are most definitely AUSSIE and HERBAL ESSENCES. My daughter is 18, in college for the first time and I am buying hair care stuff for her it seems every two weeks... so that's ALWAYS appreciated.

Cereal coupons are always a good thing, I find that I am also loving it when there are coupons out for Stouffers or Lean Cuisine, now I'm an empty nester (at 42 - who knew!), I eat many more LC's than I did before, quick, hot yummy, so Lean Cuisines are appreciated.

Thanks so much for the blog in general - it's invitinga nd entertaining and informative and FUN! Collette

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

WOW you asked and the first comment from dawsonkammie I think the only thing see forgot is Iams Dog food...lol I do get great Iams Dog food just by calling the co. Ok now I wish for more chicken,beef coupons (Fresh meat) I don't see much in produce,fruits,veggies. Thank You SOOOO Much For ALL You do!!!!May God Bless you and your family!


Gayla said...

i agree with a number of the other posters fresh meats and fruits and veggies. are always what i am looking for and Tresemme' love the product but the Q's are few and far between.

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