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Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Update: Settling Into My New Home!

It has been a rough few last weeks. We have finally settled into our new home, my husband has started his new job (and loves it), and my daughter has adjusted just fine into her new school!

I have yet to finish unpacking...it seems like the boxes are endless. I had a huge yard sale before we left and we need to have another one. I underestimated the amount of space that we lost in the downsize but I am also loving cutting our bills another $400 per month with the move just in the house alone! Smaller house = smaller electric bills so we will see how much that drops next month! We also have trees shading the house (the other one didn't) so this should help out a lot too!

I hope to have the site back up and running full throttle starting next week. More posts and I will attempt to start up the coupon matchups again for the following week.

I want to thank all of you for your sweet and concerned emails! Many of you wished us luck on our endeavor along with offering to help out (for my locals). All of your prayers, best wishes, and good bye's touched my families hearts! I will never forget anyone that I left behind and hope that all of you continue the coupon legacy long after I am gone! I am so humbled to know that the things I have been able to share with you have helped you do more than just save money!

One person, in particular, has helped out tremendously. I scheduled quite a few posts to be released during this time but I was without the internet for almost 3 weeks. If you didn't notice...please take notice that Jennifer (CouponMommie) stepped in when she saw that my posts were becoming scarce and started posting things for you. Her help has been a godsend to all of us and is very much appreciated (more than words can say)! I met Jennifer online quite a few months ago through my blog and we instantly became buddies. We had so much in common that it was inevitable that we would become friends! She is a really sweet person!

Please be sure to stop by her site and thank her for continuing our posts here on SavingYourCents! Setting up articles on blogs is a lot of work...Jennifer took the time (out of the greatness of her heart) to put some of that hard work into our site! Love ya' girl!

I am so glad to be back!


Together We Save said...

That was very sweet of her and I am so glad to hear you are getting all settled. I hope you will find the end to the boxes soon.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear that things are going well in your new place! :)

Jennifer said...

Bless your heart! That was sweet of you to say about me.

I'm glad that you're settled in and getting back into the swing of things. I'm already jealous after seeing your two shopping trips posted above!!

I'm so glad that we have became friends and I can't wait to see you one day soon when we're either at a conference together or near each others hometown. Love ya too and I'm glad I could help!

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