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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frugal Tip Of The Day: Make More Out Of Drink Mixes

Today's Frugal Tip is how to stretch your dollar even further by making your drink mix purchases last longer without sacrificing taste!

Kool-Aid: For 1 gallon it normally takes 2 packets of mix and 2 cups of sugar! Use 1 pack and 1 3/4 of sugar and you can barely taste the difference!

Tea: For 1 gallon it normally takes 6 small tea bags or 3 family size tea bags. Use 4 small or 2 large and allow the tea to steep longer on the stove (place it on low (1 or 2) for additional 20 minutes minimum) and there is absolutely no difference! The longer you let it sit on low the more concentrated the liquid becomes! (you can do the same if you use a coffee pot or tea maker...just allow it to sit longer!

Juices: This is really a taste preference. I can tell the difference with juices such as apple if I mix any amount of water in with it! Start off with mixing 3/4 of the juice with 1/4 of water and you can work your way to a half-and-half mixture! ALWAYS buy the bottle juices versus the 10pks of individual servings...you will have more juice (quantity) for less money!

The same rules can be applied to any type of drink mix that you purchase! Give it a shot and see how much you can save and how long you can make your purchases last!

Not only will you save money but you will also have less waste!

1 comment:

Green Tea Fiend said...

You can also look at the cost-effectiveness of loose tea, since on a per serving basis premium loose teas can be even more affordable than bags. Just a tip =)

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