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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving Update: No Luck Yet!

We have been house hunting for the last 2 weekends straight and have yet to come up with a decent place to live.

We went back down this past Thursday and stayed through late Sunday night. We put almost 500 miles on the car.

House after house after house after house. We even go to the point of calling real estate agents on homes that were empty to see if the owner wanted to rent.

We have to find a place that we can afford along with our mortgage and that is proving to be very difficult. We did find some great homes that we could afford but the school system was not up to my standards and that is something that I will not budge on!

We do have a backup plan but it would require my daughter to switch schools 3 times instead of 2 and we are trying to avoid that if possible!

We are going to go back down again on Sunday to look in a different area in hopes that we find something there!

We have called in the church and all family and friends and friends of their friends to help keep an eye out for us!

Basically what is happening is that the job my husband has found is out in the middle of nowhere. We are willing to have him drive for up to a 45 minute commute but even that is proving difficult. The town that the job in has only 1 corner store and is nearly 30 minutes from any hospital, grocery store, etc. The area of town to the west is the bad school bad neighborhood area. To the east and south there is nothing at all and to the north is a college town (where all of the students have already scooped up all of the rental properties back in July).

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be out of town (for email and comment purposes) again and to please bare with me through these times of being in and out! Keep us in your prayers as we travel and wish us luck on finding a home!


CJ Sime said...

ugh ugh ugh. It doesn't sound fun at all. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Savings With Sadie said...

Will be thinking of you and I know that something will come up soon. I hope your next phone call will be to say you found a house.

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