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Monday, September 14, 2009

Personal Note: Husband's New Job

I just thought that I would share with you that today is my husband's first day on his new job! This position is a huge positive move forward in his career and I am so excited for him! All of those years of hard work have finally paid off!

He was stuck in a dead-end position with his last company and due to the amount of hours he was required to work...he never had time to look for another job let alone further his education to acquire new skills. When we were told that his place of employment was shutting down we had an opposite reaction to what most would have. Instead of the gut wrenching feeling "oh no", the first thing in both of our minds was that he was finally being given the chance to look for a position of advancement and to go back to college! (Don't let me fool you...it has been a trying time for both of us!)

With this job he will be working less hours AND they have a 100% tuition payment plan (in addition to many other great qualities)!

Not only does he have a great job but he will finally be able to add some more college under his belt...something he's been wanting to do for years!

I am so excited for him and since this new job has been such a huge part of our life for the last few months (being laid off and hunting for it!)I thought that I would share how proud of him I am truly am!

Have a great, fantastic, wonderful, terrific, excellent, superb, marvelous, fabulous, and exciting first day of work~Sweetie!


shellbees said...

That is great! Hope you like your new neighborhood.

Gabrielle said...

I hope his first day goes beautifully!

Crystal said...

Congratulations to your husband! A new job is such a huge change, but it sounds like y'all are ready for it!

Lisa Sadie said...

I've been waiting on the Big News. Very exciting to be starting this new chapter is both of your lives. Can't wait to here more on the move and your plans. Let us know when you find a home.

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