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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stockpile Saturday: 9/26 Edition

What great deals did you find this week?

I haven't gone grocery shopping for almost 1 1/2 months now. I have had to buy some staples like eggs, milk, and bread but that's about it!

I plan to start shopping again today (if I can manage it) and will post my shopping trip tomorrow!

I have depleted my stockpile a good bit but it was worth the extra time and money not to go shopping while we were in the process of moving!

The first couple of weeks were pretty bad. I wanted to go shopping but I stuck to my guns. I have missed many really good deals over the last few weeks but I just kept telling myself that they will come back around (as the grocery cycles are always so dependable!)

I was buying the papers each weekend but not organizing them. I will tell you that 6 sets of papers took me about 4 hours to get situated. I had to purge my expired coupons and clip and organize the new ones! It feels really good to be back on track!

A word to the wise....don't ever get that far behind if you can help it! It was extremely labor intense (especially on my back) to sit at the table for that long!

Please leave a link directly to your shopping trip or leave us a comment sharing your great shopping deals for this week!

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