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Monday, October 26, 2009

How many roles do you play? Make you smile Monday!

The wonderful thing about being closer to home is that I can see my family much more often than before!

I played so many roles this past weekend and I absolutely loved it!

  • A Cook: Of course this is every day
  • A Maid: Hey...it comes with the territory!
  • A Healer: For some reason the flu just wants to take over our town! I had 7 family members with it and took turns with the healthy members healing and taking care of the sick...let's keep our fingers crossed for me and my family! So far so good! Lysol is my new best friend! Way to go stockpile!
  • A Mentor: Sometimes things just happen and you have to be there for one another!
  • An Entertainer: For the kids whose parents were sick with the flu. 7 of them!
  • A Hair Dresser: I am proud to say that I cut and colored my mother's hair. For my first time doing so...I think I did pretty good! My husband has a buzz cut so I always do his...but there's nothing to mess up on! :)
  • A Teacher: I am starting my first classes here in my new town with a new neighbor and some of my family. A small group to get started while I learn how this town works and then on to the big fish! I love helping others learn how to save using coupons!
  • A Hang-Outee: When your hangin' out at your house! (This is one of my favorites and one I missed dearly!)
  • A Travel Agent: My husband's company decided to send him on a trip to Texas at the last minute. Due to the fact that it was such a short notice I offered to help out with the arrangements! That was a task! You know I had to find the best deal (and by the way that was with CheapTickets.com). He's lovin' his new job and the opportunities they are giving him to see places that he has never seen before!

I know sharing this may sound odd but I am so excited about being back with my family and friends...to actually be able to do these things for and with the ones I love!

Many more roles have come and gone in my life and I am sure in your life too! Have you ever just sat down and thought about the things that you do every day? Isn't it amazing!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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