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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Publix Weekly Ad & Matchups: 10/14 - 10/20

Publix Weekly Ad & Matchups

For the week of 10/14 - 10/20

What's Free This Week?

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles: $.79
Use: $.50/1 from the 8/23 SS insert
Price: FREE plus $.21 in overage if your store allows it
Thanks for reminding me Reagan!

Arm & Hammer Dental Care, Advanced Cleaning, Complete Care Toothpaste: Assorted Varieties: BOGO $2.99
Use: $3/2 from the 8/16 RP insert
Price: FREE WYB 2

Publix Reusable Grocery Bags: $.99 each
Use: $2/2 Yellow Advantage Flyer coupon WYB any 1 Engergizer Battery Pack
Price: 2 bags FREE plus cost of batteries (refer to coupon matchups below "other great sales" on batteries for the details)

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce: $.89
Use: $1/1 here
Price: Free plus possible $.11 in overage if your store allows it!
Tip: This is the regular price for this item at Publix. Any time you see a $1 off coupon for Muir Glen remember that you can get it free here and at other grocery stores if you don't have a Publix!

Hormel Compleats: $2.00 (yellow advantage deal)
Use: Buy One Get One Free Hormel Compleats Coupon in the August All You Magazine
Also Use: $2/1 Hormel Compleats Coupon from the October All You Magazine
Price: Get 2 FREE WYB 2 and use both coupons.

Cesar Bistro Canned Dog Food (3.5oz): $.79
Use: BOGO Cesars Bistro coupon from the 8/30 RP insert or here
Stack With: BOGO Cesars Bistro from the 8/16 RP insert (Target coupon)
Or Stack With: BOGO Advantage Flyer Coupon
Price: Buy 2 Use either the manufaturer coupon with the Publix coupon OR the manufacturer coupon with the Target coupon (if your stores uses them as a competitor) to get both cans for FREE! (the manufacturer coupon will take off $.79 and the store or competitor coupon will take off $.79.

Sundown Naturals Vitamins: Prices start at $2.99
Use: $6/2 Sundown Naturals or Spider-Man Gummies coupon found in the new GREEN Advantage Flier
Stack With: the $3/2 printable coupon here
Price: FREE plus overage (if your store allows it!)

Buy One Get One Free Deals:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Assorted Varieties) (10.9 to 16.2-oz): BOGO $3.89
Use: $1.25/2 from the 8/30 RP insert
Price: $2.64 for 2

Publix Deli Salsa (Mild or Medium, 16-oz): BOGO $3.29
Price: $1.65 and $1.64 each

Eight O’ Clock Coffee (11.5 or 12-oz) (Excluding Decaf): BOGO $4.99
Use: $2/2 here
Price: $1.50 each

Marie Callender’s Dinners or Entrees (10 to 21-oz) (Excluding Pot Pies): BOGO $2.99
Use: $1/2 from the 9/27 SS insert
Use: $.75/1 here
OR Use: $.75/1 here
Price: $1.99 for 2 or $1.49 for 2 with the $.75/1

Fast Fixin’ Chicken Breast Nuggets or Tenders, Popcorn Chicken, or Chicken Fries (23 to 32oz): BOGO $5.99
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $1.99 per bag

Fresh Express Salad Blends or Greens (4.5 to 12-oz bag): Surprisingly Low Price
Use: $.55/2 from the 10/4 SS insert
Price: unknown (let us know if you find out...they generally will be around $.99 or more per bag with the BOGO sale)

T. Marzetti’s Dip (12 to 15.5-oz): BOGO $3.49
Use: $1/1 on Veggie Dip from the 7/26 SS insert
OR Use: $.50/1 here
Price: $.75 when you use either coupon

Peter Pan Peanut Butter (13 or 16.3-oz): BOGO $2.47
Use: $.50/1 from the October All You Magazine
Use: Free 24 pk of Crayola Crayons WYB any Peter Pan Peanut Butter from the August All You Magazine
Price: $.24 plus a FREE pack of crayons

Log Cabin Syrup (24-oz): BOGO $3.49
Use: $.50/1 here (ALL You exclusive coupon)
Price: $.75 each
Tip: There are $1/1 and $.55/1 hangtags that I found in Kroger ($.55/1 currently and $1/1 a few months ago)

Krusteaz Pancake Mix or Belgian Waffle Mix (24 to 32-oz box) BOGO $2.19
Use: $.50/1 from the 10/11 SS insert
Price: $.19 each
Tip: The Belgian Waffle mix is my favorite! You definitely can make these from scratch but when this brand goes on sale I stock up for this price!

Lender’s Bagels (Assorted Varieties) (6-ct bag)BOGO $1.79
Price: $.90 each (located in dairy section)

Contessa Meals (Assorted Varieties) (20 to 24-oz bag): BOGO $6.99
Use: $1.50/2 here
Price: $5.49 for 2

Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies (10.5-oz box) Surprisingly Low Price
Price: unknown (leave us a comment if you have the price for this item!)

Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza (Assorted Varieties, 2ct) (10.37 to 12.5-oz)BOGO $2.49
Use: $1/2 Nestle School Days Made Simple calendar home mailer
Price: $1.49 for 2

SeaPak Shrimp Co. Shrimp, Salmon, Talapia, Crab Cakes (Assorted Varieties) (8 to 20oz): BOGO $7.59
Use: $1/1 from the Publix Fresh, Flavorful And Frozen & More booklet
Or Use: $1/1 SeaPak Tilapia Tenders from the 9/27 SS insert
Price: $2.80 each

Delizza Frozen Pastry (Assorted Varieties) (10.5 to 14.8oz)., BOGO $5.59
Look for possible peelies on product

Cole’s Garlic Bread or Bread Sticks, Cheesesticks, or Toast Slices (Assorted Varieties) (9 to 21-oz): BOGO $2.79

Organic Batter Blaster Batter Original Pancake & Waffle Batter (18-oz) :BOGO $4.99

Kellogg’s Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops or Rice Krispies (11.2 to 16.5-oz): BOGO $3.99
Use: $1/1 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Or Froot Loops Cereal Blinkie found at Kroger, Publix & Food Lion currently in all locations
Price: $1 each

Krusteaz Cookie Mix, Bakery Style: Chocolate Chunk, Sugar or Peanut Butter (51.5 to 17.5-oz): BOGO $2.29
Use: $1/1 from the 10/11 SS insert
Price: $.15 each

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta (Assorted Varieties) (12 to 16-oz): BOGO $1.79
Use: $1/2 here or here
Price: $.79 for 2

Progresso Bread Crumbs (Italian Style or Plain) (15-oz): BOGO $1.93
Use: $1/2 here
Price: $.93 for 2 or $.47 each

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup (Assorted Varieties)(18.6 to 18.8-oz can or 15.3-oz bowl): BOGO $2.39
Use: $.50/2 from the 10/4 SS insert
Price:$1.39 for 2

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks or Sunkist (Assorted Varieties) (4.5 to 9-oz): BOGO $2.59
Use: $1/3 or $.50/2 from the 9/13 GM insert
Or Use: $1/2 from the Better At Home Booklet
Or Use: $.40/1 Fruit Shapes here
Or Use: $.50/2 here or here
Price: Best price with $.40/1 coupon: $.50 each with this coupon

Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water (4-pk, 5-oz cans): BOGO $6.29
Price: $3.30 each

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce (18-oz): BOGO $2.29
Price: $1.15 each

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, Rich Chocolate, or Marshmallows (10-ct): BOGO $2.19
Use: $1/2 (no sugar added) here
Price: $1.19 for 2 for no sugar added variety only

Vlassic Stackers Dills, Pickles, Spears (16 to 46-oz): BOGO $2.89
Use: Various hangtags if you have some ($.55/1 & $1/1)
Price: $1.45 OR $.45 if you have the $1/1 coupon

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix: BOGO $1.07
Use: $.60/2 here
Stack With: FREE Old El Paso Seasoning when you buy any TWO Old El Paso Products Peelies found on taco shells at Publix, Kroger & Food Lion currently
Price: Buy 3 use $.60/2 coupon a Free coupon to get all 3 for $.45

Wise Cheez Doodles (Assorted Varieties)( 8.6 to 9.5-oz bag): BOGO $2.99
Use: $.50/1 here
Price: $.49 each

Entenmann’s Donuts (8-ct, 16 or 17-oz box) BOGO $4.29
Price: $2.15 each

Nabisco Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes 6-pk (10.56 or 12-oz box): BOGO $3.29
Use: $1/2 from the Nabisco Calendar Coupon ($55 calendar)
Price: $2.29 for 2 or $1.15 each

Orville Redenbacher’s Popping Corn (Assorted Varieties) (6 or 10-pk, 12 to 19.8-oz box, or 30-oz jar):BOGO $4.89
Use: $1/1 from the August All You Magazine
Price: $1.45 each

Kit Kat Crisp Wafers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Jumbo Mix Treats, Hershey’s (Assorted Varieties) (19.5 to 24.44-oz bag): BOGO $5.99
Use: $.55/1 Reese’s from the 8/23 SS insert
Price: $2.45 each

Nestle Butterfinger Fun Size Bar, Crunch, Baby Ruth, Assorted Bag of Baby Ruth, Butterfinger and Crunch (21 to 24-oz bag) BOGO $5.99
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $3 each

M&M’s Chocolate Candies, Snickers, Skittles, or Starburst Gummibursts (Assorted Varieties) (Full Size 10-pk) (15 to 21.7-oz bag):BOGO $6.99
Use: $1/2 from the 10/11 RP insert
Price: $5.99 for 2

Kraft Traditional Caramels (14-oz): BOGO $2.59
Price: $1.30 each

Other Great Deals This Week:

Skippy Peanut Butter (smallest jar): $2.29
Use: $1/1 Target coupon here
Stack with $.40/1 coupon from the 10/4 RP insert
Price: $.49 per jar
Tip: I called to check the prices at my store and here they are in order from the largest to the smallest: $5.63, $4.29, $2.65, $2.29, & $2.99 for the 4 pk.

Spice Island Grinders: $1.99 (yellow advantage deal)
Use: $1.50/1 here
Price: $.49 each
Tip: This stuff is always so expensive. I have yet to find another sale like this. Be sure to grab up as many as you can! I have hear the quality on these spices is superb!

Energizer Max AA/AAA-4pk, C/D-2pk, or 9V-1pk: $2.99
Use: $1/1 Energizer Batteries from the 10/04 SS insert or here
Stack With:.50/1 Energizer Batteries here (Food Lion Printable) (expires 10/13)
Price: $1.49 per pack when use stack both coupons!
Tip: If you purchase 2 packs of batteries be sure to use the coupon in the Yellow Flyer for $2/2 Publix Reusable Bags (priced at $.99 each) to get those for FREE with your purchase!

Playtex Living Gloves: $1.99
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $.99 each

Wet Ones Wipes 40 ct: $1.49
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $.49

For the entire ad matchup (all other items on sale) you can visit Michelle here over at IHeartPublix.Com! Be sure to leave her a comment of appreciation!

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