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Friday, October 23, 2009

Swagbucks: An easy way to earn points online that can be redeemed for gift cards and more!

Search & Win

Have you ever heard of Swagbucks?

I can honestly admit that I was far out in right field for this great program and wished that I had signed up sooner! It took me a while to get around to signing up but I was amazed at how quickly I was able to earn the 29 points that I have right now.

I simply have just altered my searching method. Instead of using google (as I always have in the past) I started using their search engine. I find that the results are identical to those that any of the other search engines come up with.

I have heard about many people redeeming the points online for cool things like gift cards (which would be my highest ranking item) and this is what made me interested in the program!

How you earn the points

Search Engine: This easiest way to earn swagbucks is to use their search engine instead of google or yahoo! This is the only thing that I have done and I seem to average about 5 swagbucks per day just by doing this!

Shopping: You can shop through links once you are signed into your swagbucks account and you will earn 1 swagbuck for every $5 that you spend!

Trading In: You can trade in cell phones, MP3 players, Game consoles, and video games to earn points for each item. (as much as 300 points or more depending on the item).

Referring: This is probably the best way to earn your swagbucks. Swagbucks has an awesome referral program. You receive swagbucks as your referrals earn them in addition to anything that you earn on your own. You earn what they earn...not a percentage! If someone signs up under you and earns 5 Swagbucks...then you earn 5 Swagbucks too! This is the most awesome referral program that I have ever seen! No company has ever matched 100%!


There are hundreds of prizes that you can earn through Swagbucks. The gift cards come in the form of an eGift Card (meaning that you will only be able to use it online).

Just to name a few...

45 : $5 Amazon Gift Card
40 : $25 Restraunts.com Gift Card
70 : $5 Paypal Deposit
99 : Free movie ticket
125 : $10 Barnes & Nobles Gift Card
130 : $10 Starbucks Gift Card
220 : $20 Target Gift Card
320 : $25 Macy's Gift Card
+ so many more!

If you haven't already signed up with Swagbucks I would love for you to join me here to sign up and start earning points too!

Share the knowledge: If you or someone you know has earned points and redeemed them for awesome prizes let us know! How has it worked for you?

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