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Monday, November 2, 2009

Publix: Coupon Policy & Guidelines

I have had many readers ask me about Publix's coupon policy. Unfortunately I cannot speak on behalf of each individual store but there are some general guidelines that I can provide for you to follow.

My personal opinion and an insight to why things are the way they are!

Publix is one of the most customer oriented grocery stores that I have ever visited. They pride themselves on quality products and superb customer service. They are one of the few stores that caters directly to their customers.

When it comes to the use of coupons Publix is the leader in the competition. Before I used coupons I admit that I was a Walmart shopper. I had always assumed the word that Publix was a high-end store with prices to reflect its repertoire. Boy was I wrong...Their weekly Buy One Get One Free sales alone (without using coupons) will beat any other stores prices (including Walmart). Combine these prices with coupons that you get in the Sunday paper on online in addition to the competitor coupons that your local store may take and you have yourself one heck of a deal!

I agree that a corporate policy would be easier for all of us (customers & employees) but there are also some benefits of them not having one! Publix allows each store to decide what their own policies are based on the competition in the area and based on satisfying their customers. There are stores that do not accept competitor coupons and those that do not double coupons but even for these stores...the deals are plenty! Other stores accept all surrounding competitor coupons and for you...the deals are even more plentiful! I have always been on the end of the stores that have accepted everyone as competitors (even the drug stores) and have gotten some awesome deals.

Publix has what I call straight forward sales. When they offer the weekly Buy One Get One Free Sales their products are always 50% off~nothing in between. The prices of the items may fluctuate a few cents but are usually within the same price range each time the items go on sale. You will notice that the same items offered in the Buy One Get One Free sales may be advertised on sale for another amount. Most of the time you would save more money waiting for the item to go on sale BOGO than when it is advertised otherwise to get the best deal! Other grocery stores may have multiple sale levels from week to week for one product making it harder to know when you are getting a rock bottom sale. With Publix...If it's a BOGO sale and you have a coupon...you can almost bet that you are getting a rock bottom sale.

Note: To get a little deeper with the way things work the manufacturers release coupons on products in cycles also. One month you may see a $.50/1 coupon for an item and the next time it is released it may only be a $.35/1 coupon. Obviously the $.50/1 coupon doubled (or not) would be the coupon to use to get your rock bottom price but you usually can use either coupon to get a good deal.

Publix Coupon Guidelines:

Below I will explain the couponing policies and guidelines of various Publix stores. Remember that each store is different so be sure to check with your local stores guidelines before shopping!

  • Publix Doubles manufacturer coupons up to and including $.50 (FL and some GA coastal stores accept coupons at face value ONLY!) (i.e. a $.50 coupon is doubled to $1)
  • You do not have to purchase both items in a Buy One Get One Free Sale in order to receive the discount. Each item will ring up at half price. (FL stores have to purchase both items to receive the second one free. The first item rings up at full price and the second one rings up as $0.00.)
  • You can use 2 coupons when you buy 2 of the BOGO sale items
  • Publix periodically releases coupons of their own. A Publix coupon will start with the letters L.U. followed by numbers.
  • Publix coupons are taken at face value ONLY.
  • Many Publix stores accept competitor coupons. Each store will vary in the competitors that they accept. Please check with your stores customer service desk to see who they consider as their competitor stores.
  • Competitor Coupons are taken at face value ONLY.
  • You can use 1 Publix coupon per item purchased.
  • You can use 1 manufacturer coupon per item purchased.
  • You can use 1 competitor coupon per item purchased
  • Publix allows you to stack coupons. They will allow you to use 1 Publix OR Competitor coupon together on one product. (i.e. Kellogg's cereal is on sale for $1.99. Let's say that there is a $1/2 manufacturer coupon and a $1/1 Target coupon available for both products. You would buy 2 for $3.98, use the $1/2 manufacture coupon and 2 of the $1/1 Target coupons (for a total of $3 off of 2 boxes) and get both of them for $.98!)
  • Some Publix stores allow overages on manufacturer coupons. i.e. If you have a coupon for $1 off of a product and the product itself only costs $.89 you will receive $.11 in overage to apply to your remaining order. Please note that Publix will not give you cash back on an order. You must purchase something to cover the overages in your order.

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