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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swiffer WetJet: To Buy Or Not To Buy!

I was recently sent a great package in the mail that included the New & Improved Swiffer WetJet. My mission was to test it and write a review of my opinion on the new product!

So here goes...

s new:
  1. Dual Sprayers compared to only one. It spreads the cleaner more even and covers a larger area.
  2. The scrub pad that was on the side of the Swiffer has been relocated to the front making it much easier to use! The scrub pad is also a lot bigger than before.
  3. The handle is now made of metal vs. plastic and is a lot sturdier.
  4. The handle also now has a hook for you to hang it up.
I borrowed my grandfathers old Swiffer WetJet to compare the 2 and the new one definitely was better!

  1. It's a lot easier to load the cleaning solution (and not every time you use it), place a new pad, and use the WetJet to mop than to pull out your old fashion one!
  2. The cleaning solution is already pre-mixed: no water vs cleaner mixups
  3. Storage is easy: Just pull the cloth off and throw it away with no mess. No more damp mops making a stain on your sheet rock!

  1. The WetJet is priced higher than a mop.
  2. You have to buy replacement pads and solution more often than the instructions recommend (especially if you have children).
  3. The initial solution that you spray out gets soaked up by the pad before it has a chance to clean the floor. More solution is used!
  4. Turning the mop head over to use the scrubber can be a task. I had to attempt to flip it over multiple times each use!
  5. The WetJet had a tendency to push dirt up against the baseboards which I later had to wipe up by hand!
  6. You can't see the solution as it's spraying out. You don't know where it's going!

Overall Personal Opinion: Don't Waste Your Money!

Just like any other tool that companies come out with...the Swiffer WetJet is an overpriced piece of equipment that really has no place in my home. I didn't want to write the review until I saw how fast I used up the solution and pads. The solution itself lasted only about 6 full mop jobs. I still have pads left over.

The WetJet would be a great product for those that don't cook, don't have kids, and aren't truly messy! You can use it for quick cleanups but for bigger jobs it just doesn't work for me!

I will gladly keep my good old fashion string mop and cleaning solutions that I can get for $1 or less!

A big thanks goes out to My Blog Spark and Swiffer for allowing me to review this product!

1 comment:

jskell911 said...

Thank you for this. I had been considering for a while if it was worth the investment

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