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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Coupons on Coupons.Com

I just checked the new coupons on Coupons.Com and there are some really great ones that you may want to go ahead and print!

Here are a few...and why you want to print them!

$1/1 Kelloggs Little Bites frosted mini wheats: Publix puts these in their BOGO sales and this coupon will make them $1 per box!

$1/2 GM cereal: Again Publix will put them BOGO and they will be $1.50 per box with this coupon!

$1/1 Muir Glen: Publix sales the small can of tomato sauce for $.89! This coupon makes them free! Other stores should carry them for less than or right at $1 each!

$1.50 off of Clorox 2: Walmart sells their smallest bottle for $3 and some change (sorry I can't be exact). This coupon will make it $2 or less!

$.50/1 Minute Rice:
If you store carries the smallest box (2bags) they will sell it for $1 - $1.29. This coupon (when doubled) will make it free or really cheap with the item being regular price!

$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon: Can be used at Rite Aid or Publix if your store accepts them as a competitor!

$.50/1 Chex Mix: Most store will put these on sale for around $1 each! When this coupon is doubled it will make them free!

There are many more to scroll through and print out. These are just a few that caught my eye! You can go here to check them out!

The key is to print them out if you know you are going to use them and then hold onto them until a sale occurs! When you match a coupon with a sale you are undoubtedly getting a rock bottom price!

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