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Saturday, January 2, 2010

8 Steps Closer To Saving Your Cents: Step 3 Coupon Resources: In-Store Coupons

8 Steps Closer To Saving Your Cents

Step 3: Coupon Resources

"In-Store Coupons"

Photo: To show you how plentiful the coupons are I went into my local Kroger and ended up getting as many coupons as you see in the photo. There were some that I didn't get!

Another great way to accumulate coupons is by finding them in your local stores.

This list was created to give you written and visual examples of what to look for!


SmartSource has 2 types of coupon dispensers. #1 is the SmartSource "Blinkie" Coupon Dispenser. This is the little black box with the blinking red light on the side. Coupons are mechanically pushed out of the machine each time the current one is removed. #2 is the SmartSource ShelfVision "Take One" Dispenser. These are larger rectangle boxes that accommodate about an index card sized coupon or brochure. Here you will find recipes, product information, and coupons! These dispensers are usually placed close by the product (as pictured below)!

Coupons that are found on the products themselves. Many bags, boxes and even 2 liter bottles will have peelie coupons on them. Tip: These guys can be tricky to remove, especially the ones with the clear sticky backing. If you ever find yourself removing a coupon and the sticky part starts coming off with it...just simply place a finger behind the coupon and it will pull right away without damaging the packaging or the coupon itself!

Photo Tip: This was a sneaky coupon! Ocean Spray's logo is on the front of their juice bottles. The coupon was actually part of the logo and blended in. Coupons like these are easily overlooked!

Coupon Booklets:

Many stores will carry various coupon booklets throughout the year. These booklets can be as big as a sheet of paper or as small as a check book. They come in all shapes and sizes! Most are found in displays throughout the stores and some will be found on the pharmacy counters, customer service counters, and up front where they keep the weekly ads!


I haven't been into a store that doesn't have these! Most of the time you will find these coupons located on the edge of the shelves that the products sit on but keep in mind to think outside of the box! I have seen where a tearpad has fallen off and someone has placed it on the shelf. You often find tearpads on displays located in the center of the aisles! Don't forget to check your local convenience stores! I have found many great tearpads for drink products in there!

Donation TearPads:

Many stores (Rite Aid & Publix for sure!) have different programs that they support. Often they will ask you if you would like to donate a $1 towards the foundation and in return they will have coupons to give to you!

On OR Inside Packaging:

Often a manufacturer will place a coupon on the inside or outside of the product packaging. Open all product packaging with caution...I have ripped coupons in half many times by not paying attention! Sometimes the packaging will advertise that there are coupons inside but you may not know where the term "inside" may be referring to...it's always a good idea to open cardboard packaging with caution!

Loose Coupons Inside Packaging:

You will often see these in boxes or bags of food and they will be wrapped in plastic! I have found them in frozen food, cat/dog food bags, laundry detergent, etc!


These are the coupons that you will find hanging on the product. Sometimes they will have elastic bands on them and sometimes they will be cut out to fit over the neck of the bottle!


These are the coupons that will print out at the register! Most catalina coupons are manufacturer coupons. Keep an eye out at the end of your transaction for those that may print out! Sometimes you will even find coupons that others have left behind. They may be hanging from the machine or lying around the registers! Sometimes the cashiers will even give you a handful of ones that others have left behind! Please note that cashiers are not allowed to keep these coupons. They are required to throw them away! So you may or may not run across them at the register!

Catalina Machine:
Located next the receipt printer at cash registers.

End Notes: The varieties of coupons listed can be found in grocery stores, drug stores, and even convenience stores! Always keep an eye out to see what you can find!

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