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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tired of just getting bills in the mail? Take a look at how fun and exciting getting mail can be!

You mailbox doesn't always have to be full of bills and junk mail! Make checking the mail each day fun and exciting by signing up for freebies...I promise they aren't a waste of time!

Free Samples: Often I post links to free samples that you can sign up for. Sometimes the samples are even for Full-Size products. Coupons are one of the main reasons that I sign up for freebies. You will often receive coupons with the samples!

Clubs: Many companies have programs that you can sign up for to receive free products.

Tip: My daughter loves getting things in the mail. Sometimes I will sign up for a freebie in her name (like a sample of pop corn or cereal). She enjoys checking the mail and gets so excited when something is in her name!

Here are a few of the items that we received in the mail last week!

If you have a blog you will often be contacted by companies to review and/or promote product or the stores themselves! Recently Save-A-Lot sent me a huge re-usable bag, a box of their store brand brownie mix and a gift card for $15 to use for shopping! Stay tuned this week to see how far I can stretch this $15 and how many meals I can feed a family of 4 of of it!

If you haven't noticed I am a huge fan of Publix! In addition to it being my favorite they have various clubs that you can belong to. The Publix Pals club sent me this cute little apron for my daughter in the mail this week! She loves it! To view the various Publix clubs and magazine that you can sign up for go here!

Join memberships that offer taste testing! Kellogg's has a program that anyone can join called Sprinklings. Once a member you too will receive new product before they hit the shelves to try out for yourself! These Wild Grape flavored poptarts were awesome!

Remember when I wrote about getting coupons from RecycleBank.Com? I received mine in the mail last week! The 100 points that they credited my account for signing up allowed me to purchase a coupon for a free bottle of Seventh Generation liquid dish soap and 5 coupons for $1 off of any Coke product! If you missed the post go here to see what you can do to get free coupons!

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