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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

$15 P & G Coupon Booklet from Save-A-Lot

You can go here to fill out the form to receive a $15 P & G Coupon Booklet from Save-A-Lot if you haven't done so already!


Sheila said...

Can these coupons be used anywhere?

Lissa said...

These coupons are going to be manufacturer's coupons and should work at any store. However, with my experience there are some stores that don't know the difference between a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupons and they may not take it because it will have the Save-A-Lot logo on it. The reason we know that it's a manufacturer's coupon is becuase #1 it will say it at the top #2 if the bar codes start with the #9 or #5 it is a manufacturer's coupons. Some stores just simply won't take it if it has another logo on it for fear of loosing money by not being able to redeem it. If they redem it they WILL get the money back.

My suggestion would be to ask the store manager about using them before you attempt to go through the line to see what they say. Most managers are learning more and more about coupons and are less skeptical about what they take and what they don't take!

THanks for asking...I hope this helps!

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