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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FREE Sample: MagnaCare Sunscreen

You can go here to request a FREE sample of MagnaCare Sunscreen! Just scroll down until you see the above picture and click on it!

There are over one million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the U.S. each year, outnumbering all other cancers combined..

May is Skin Cancer Prevention Month! The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention is a united voice to reduce skin cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality, through awareness, prevention, early detection, research, and advocacy! You can go here for more information!

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated the Friday before Memorial Day, May 28, 2010, as “Don’t Fry Day” to encourage sun safety awareness and to remind everyone to protect their skin while enjoying the outdoors. Last year they emphasized on "Slap on a Hat" encouraging everyone to wear a hat and protective clothing. This year they are emphasizing on practicing all of the action steps because no one step can fully protect you from the sun! So use as many of the following steps as possible:
Avoid sun burning, intentional tanning, and using tanning beds.
Apply sunscreen generously.
Wear sun-protective clothing, wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.
Seek shade.
Use extra caution near water, snow, and sand.
Get vitamin D through diet and vitamin D supplements.

For more information on "Don't Fry Day," you can go here!

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