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Friday, June 4, 2010

"Stacking" Coupons at Rite Aid

O.K. We all know that in regards to using coupons at Rite Aid that we can "stack" one (1) in-ad coupon (which is a store coupon) with one (1) manufacturer coupon for the same item.
What about their Video Values coupons? We've always considered them to be store coupons as well meaning you can use one (1) Video Values coupon "stacked" with one (1) manufacturer coupon on the same item. We've often wondered, "Can you use an in-ad coupon, "stacked" with a Video Values coupon, "stacked" with a manufacturer coupon?
Well, we very well may have found our answer! The above in-ad coupon was in last week's sale paper! It may be hard to see, but it states that it is a $3 Off in-ad coupon for Claritin. It also states that you can find a $3 Video Values coupon online for additional savings!
In conclusion, this means that you can use an in-ad coupon "stacked" with a Video Values coupon, plus "stack" a manufacturer coupon on top of those two (as we've always done)!


Anonymous said...

VERY good to know because I tried it last week and they wouldn't let me :( Said since both coupons (video and in-store) stated "Manufacturer" on it....I couldn't use both. What the? Thanks for finding that. I might try again this week.

Crystal said...

I would recommend taking last week's ad with you and show them. Tell them to explain that one!

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