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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hidden Secrets of Kmart! Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

Have you ever been a Kmart shopper? I sure wasn't until June of last year!

Kmart has "to-die-for" clearance sales! I recently have purchased a Martha Stewart White Dining Room table (6 seater, regular price $139.99) for $14 with tax...YES I JUST SAID $14. I also purchase the matching china cabinet for $34 (regular price $299.99) with tax! Unreal...I know!

In June of 07' I was on a hunt for Sponge Bob birthday presents. I went to every store that I knew of to look for stuff, but not Kmart. One afternoon, around 3:30pm, my daughter and I ventured into Kmart's toy department. Little did we know we were going to stay there for 3 1/2 hours...just in the toy department!

Kmart uses the yellow clearance tags in all departments except for clothing! In clothing they use a white clearance tag that has a red line on the top and one on the bottom. I picked up a few toys of interest with the yellow tags and proceeded to find the price scanner...once there a toy that was regularly $14.99 (the clearance tag said $5.99) scanned at $1.99. I couldn't believe what I just saw. I saw an associate walk by and stopped him to ask if this was the right price! He told me that sometimes they just couldn't get to everything to keep marking it down...that sometimes this happened!

I loaded up buggy after buggy of clearance toys and scanned every single one of them (this is what took up the better half of my 3 1/2 hour shopping trip). In the end I had 4 buggies of toys loaded to the point of things falling out. I paid a little over $400. I knew I was getting a good deal but because I had bought so much it really didn't dawn on me how much I had saved until I got home! My husband just shook his head at me and laughed when he walked out to help me unload my little Nissan (you couldn't even see my daughter..trunk and all seats were full of toys!). We took them in my living room and decided to add up the retail price. I had bought over $3800 worth of toys for almost 90% off of each item! I couldn't believe what I had just done...and how much I had just saved!

I re-sale items in church consignment sales and I justified purchasing these items to re-sale and for Christmas presents! It took weeks and weeks of my tagging and pricing each item but I was finally done! With Christmas taken care of for 8 nieces and nephews and of course my daughter I tripled my money selling the rest. Basically every one's Christmas was free and I still tripled my money selling the items at the church sales!

I go into our Kmart at least twice a week, and have been for over a year now! The table and the china cabinet were my latest finds but I have found much more there over the year! Clothes, Jewelry, make-up, housewares, practically anything from any department!

The next time you are in Kmart, give it a shot...if you see something that interests you, and it's on clearance, scan it! You never know if it is going to come up cheaper! P.S. It's addictive...I have friends that go in all of the time finding killer deals right along with me!

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