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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dollar General! ACCEPTS COUPONS! But Is It Worth Your Time?

I went in to the Dollar General today and asked for the manager but she was at lunch. According to the cashier that was on duty they do accept manufacturer coupons for FACE VALUE ONLY. They do not double and they have not ever doubled! I asked about Internet printable coupons and she wasn't sure, so I am going to call the manager back tomorrow to see if I can find out for us!

I read a post on HotCoupon world about different things you could use your current coupons on but there weren't a lot out there! Electrasol 12 packs are regularly priced at $3 each (higher than Target's deal) and it would make them .75 each.

I took a look around at price for things that we normally get repetitive coupons for and now I remember why I don't shop in their! Their prices are astronomical despite their store name! I put them up their with the grocery stores regular prices on items such as shampoo and soap etc. Pantene (small bottle) was $4 (the most I will ever pay with a coupon is $2).

Name brand cereals were $2.75 for Kellogg's (which is cheaper than the grocery store but not when their is a BOGO sale going on to stock you up for a year). I also looked at common household cleaning and kitchen things and they too were also comparable to the grocery store retail prices and sometimes higher.

The big difference I see between these two types of stores are the advertised sales. At grocery stores you come out a lot cheaper for an item when you pair it up with a coupon than you do at a discount store that rarely has items on sale!

Popping in once in a while to see what you can find may be tempting...but from what I saw today...you are better off not wasting your time!

This is based on my local store information. If you live in an area that the Dollar General allows you to double coupons there are much better deals to find than in our store here! Leave a comment if you have ever found a good deal or if you store doubles coupons! Their could be something I am missing and would love for someone to tell me the secrets! As much as I wish I did...I don't know everything and am constantly learning something new in the coupon world each week! That's what keeps it interesting! The grocery world is forever changing!

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