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Friday, September 26, 2008

My Kroger Shopping Trip! All of this for $0.00 OOP!


Done in 2 trips (Why? I like seeing my percentage saved on my planned trips with coupons. If you pick up Manager Special items...they appear on your receipt as full price not the discounted price. I keep a log of my shopping trips that I use coupons with and those that I do not use them with.)

6 Turkey Hill Iced Tea 1/2 gallons
Price = .99 each
Used: 6 $1/1 coupons

6 Cottonelle 4-pks
Price = .99 each
Used: 6 .50/1 coupons
FREE AFTER Doubled COUPONS (No Overage)

5 Underwood Deviled Ham Spreads
Price = $1.19 each
Used 5 .50/1 coupons
.19 each with coupon

5 Tums Smoothies
Price: 2@.84 and 3@$1.64 each
Used 5 $1/1 coupons
Price after coupons FREE w/ OVERAGE

(Since the Tums were the same and they rang up at different prices the cashier gave me credit back for 3 of them...technically he should have given me the credit on the $1.64 but instead gave me the credit on the .84. I didn't say anything because I knew they were going to be free anyways with the coupon so I let it slide. I had previously handed him all of my coupons and asked to have the 3 $1/1's back that he took off of my order and he said that they were still allowed to take the coupons on the product even if they were free with the price guarantee (DID NOT KNOW THIS). This was good information to have for the future...I would have thought that you couldn't use coupons but in fact you can!

Total: $31.86
Coupons and Savings $30.88
Total after all savings: .98
Savings Percentage: 99%
Annual Saving To-Date @ Kroger only: $1,311.95

One steak @ 1/2 off (managers special)
Total: $6.98 with tax

I paid for the 1st and 2nd transaction on a gift card from transferring a prescription and so my total OOP was $0.00.

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