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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My quick shopping trip to CVS this morning!

Good News! I found my camera's battery charger (My daughter finally admitted to taking the camera and charger into her room (last place I would've looked!) and brought it to me! She's 6 going on 30...taking pictures has become her new interest! Voila...Christmas is coming! If anyone knows of a really good deal on a digital camera for a child please share it with me! I know that there are some out there...just need to do the research!) So now I can show pictures again!

I had an errand to run this morning and it just so happened to put my by my favorite drug store CVS! While shopping last week I was looking to purchase the Dawn Plus hand renewal for .99. They were out and I made sure that I got a rain check for them!

I stopped back by this morning, since it wasn't out of my way, and they had them on the shelf! WOO HOO!

(One of the more simple transactions that you can do at CVS without using ECB's...I had already purchased my scenarios for the week on Sunday, so I couldn't work them in with another deal!)

Here is what I did!

Purchased 4 Dawn with Hand Renewal for .99 each
Total: $3.96
Used 4 $1/1 coupons found in 8/31 P&G insert
New Total: $0

AND got them all for FREE! NO TAX

(TIP: In order to pay nothing out of pocket I asked the cashier to adjust the coupons down to the .99 each time she scanned them. The computer would normally take the first 3 at $1/0ff each and then the 4th would have to be adjusted down to .96...but doing it this way leaves a tax to be paid! If they adjust the coupons starting with the first one there is not a total left....it 0's out!)


Dana said...

My advice on cameras is to buy a cheaper real digital rather than a kids version. The kids versions are still pretty expensive, and take TERRIBLE pictures that are hard to work with and print. My 6 and 5 yr olds are totally able to handle a real camera now, and if you watch carefully, you should be able to find one for as cheap as the kids cameras.

Jennifer said...

I didn't know the trick about adjusting down all of the coupons. That's good information. Thanks!

Frugal Finds said...

I am sad to say, I missed out on this deal! My pantry could really use these!!

Lissa Miller said...

Dana...thanks for the advice! I was thinking of this myself...I have seen some really good deals on regular digital cameras! My daughter is pretty careful with mine while she is under supervision so I think I will run with the regular digital camera and not the kids! Thanks for letting me know that the pictures don't turn out well on them! Lissa

Lissa Miller said...

Jennifer! I hope this helps!I try to make my transactions as smooth as possible...and try not to create a massive line! LOL So, you may want to pick your favorite cashier if they are there at the time of your transaction! There is only one at my store that knows how to do this with ease!

Lissa Miller said...

Carol! Sorry you missed out...I only wish they had more! I had tons of coupons and it was too late for me to put an order in for them (my store allows me to ask for orders of a certain item in bulk! They would rather you do this than wipe the shelves clean!) The regular price is $2.39 and with the coupon they would be $1.39 if you could work one or two into a scenario of your own using the $2/$10 coupon found in the Richmond Parents online magazine! Thanks again! Lissa

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