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Monday, September 29, 2008

Possible Field Trip Time To Take Advantage of Kmart Super Doubles Promotion!

I have emailed Kmart's corporate office about the Super Kmart's (In Rome, GA) participation in the rumored Double manufacturer's coupons up to and including $2 on October 1st though October 5th. I know of other stores that are participating in Georgia and other states. I also read an email where if any of the Kmarts are running this promotion that YOUR local Kmart has to honor the request (I will update you on this when I hear back from them!)

Tip: Meaning that if you go in and ask for them to double your coupons, that they have to do it...it is corporately mandated! (I called customer service @ corporate and they verified this today!)

I am waiting on the email so that I will have written confirmation of the promotion in hand when I go to the Rome, GA store!

Once I get a positive ID from corporate, hopefully within the next day or two....the SAVINGS WILL BE ON!

They ran this promotion last week and missed it because I only called our local store and they were not participating...didn't even think to call Rome's Super K...saw that mentioned on hotcouponworld!

If this is an ALL GO...I will be offering to carpool opportunity for up to 3 individuals from here in town. I will ask for those who come, to donate $5 each in gas! I will have plenty of room for all of the groceries! Gas is scarce and I have a full-tank! We need to save money any way we can! If you would like to be in the caravan...feel free to do so! We can meet up at my house!

If you come with me, this is what you'll need to bring!
  • Small cooler for cold items
  • Coupons (please see note below for how you should bring your coupons to an event such as this!)
  • Snacks/and a drink
  • cell phone (for communication in store)
  • (I will provide ribbon for each of us to tie around the handles of our bags for easy identification when we get ready to unload! (You can tell I've done this before! LOL)

Note: How to bring your coupons!
I highly suggest taking envelopes and separating them into categories (if you already have this done skip it). I keep all of my coupons in a binder but when a store offers this type of deal I transport them into envelopes. (frozen, canned goods, snacks, drinks,dairy,boxed mixes, etc. Try to think of "like" items on each aisle!)
I pull any coupon for .60 or more (you may choose to pull your .55 if you would like) and organize them in the specific envelope that they fall under. DO NOT bring every coupon you own, you will not use them all and most of the coupons for .50 or less can be used here in town for a better deal!


There is no way for us to know what will be a good deal or not...due to this, it will take much longer than normal to shop in addition to me not being familiar with how the store aisles are set up! I don't even know the average price for a specific item in the Kmart stores like I do our local stores. It's unfamiliar territory to me! (When Ingles triples coupons I use the same method. It usually takes me at least 1 1/2 hours to shop there when this happens).

Trip Details:

Departure: At my house, Wednesday October 1st @ 9am
Trip: 30-45 minutes each way
Total Estimated Time: 5-6 hours
Return: Approximately 2-3pm

Children are welcome to come along. Please note, unfortunately, I will not have room in my vehicle for them and you will need to be part of the caravan! If you have an option for someone watching them for you...I would highly suggest it for the time that we will be spending on this trip! I have taken my daughter on many trips like this in the past and found that it is a lot quicker and less stressful for someone to watch her instead!

If you would like to be considered for the carpool or a part of the caravan, please email me at savingyourcents@comcast.net. I will respond as soon as I get confirmation on this promotion from the corporate office. I will also email the specific coupon rules for this policy once confirmed!

This is a very exciting opportunity and you won't want to miss it if you can help it!

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