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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Update! Site Under Construction!

I am starting to change over from a 2-column site to a 3-column site! I am working on personalizing my site to make it more viewer friendly and more organized to benefit both you and I!

I am doing the work myself (working with HTML...AHHHHHHH!) so it will take me longer to make the transition! I am using the current template from blogspot and tweaking the HTML code to suit my needs! Of course, if I had used a 3 column template from the beginning it would have been a lot easier! I didn't know any better! I am also re-teaching myself Adobe PhotoShop to create some backgrounds, header, and buttons (If anyone knows where some really good tutorials on this...Please let me know!) I haven't used any of these programs in years...and it's not like riding a bike! LOL This will take me some time to finish!

My posting schedule will stay the same along with the content...only the looks are changing!

Talk to me! Let me know of any suggestions you may have to help me enhance my site! I would love to hear from all of you!


Gina said...

Hey there. Just found ur site for the first time. Very nice! If you are rewriting HTML (yuck), check out the techie link on my site for the FOUR column blog. I just did mine last night - took a couple of hours to re add all the widgets, but everything else was super, super simple! Anyway, the guy has the same info (cut & paste) for 3 column if you are interested...good luck!

Lissa Miller said...

Thanks for visiting! I'll be sure to check your site out! I am actually just adding HTML to suit what I need (which is A LOT easier than writing it from scratch~Yuck is right! LOL)I hope that you can make use of the information I share! Send me an email with your local stores and I will try to included everything I can on them, or post links to sites that do! Thanks again!

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