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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jiffy Lube Discount For My Local Viewers

In Cartersville, GA store ONLY!

Ask for
John the manager and tell him that Lissa sent you! Let him know that you saw this ad on this site and you can get your oil changed for only $19.99 (up to 5 quarts)! Regular price of this service is over $38! How about that for a savings! Note: Service also includes fluid top off, air in tires, and a free vacuum! There is also an extra $4 charge if you require more than 5 quarts of oil!

I went in the other day and had an awesome experience there! John and all of his staff were extremely friendly and had my oil changed in less than 10 minutes. There were 3 employees working at the same time to change the oil, vacuum, check my tire air pressure, and top off my fluids!

I loved having access to a window that allowed me to watch what they were doing. We have had a few "bad experiences" at other places in the past with oil caps being left off and even an oil filter not being tightened all the way which cause the oil to come out quickly!

Being the talkative person that I am...I asked him if he or his wife used coupons. Once he told me that his wife DID use them, I told him about my site and gave him one of my business cards. I told him that I would definitily mention their great service and he, in return, offered to extend the price of $19.99 to my viewers! Over an $18 savings for everyone!

We use to change the oil ourselves but by the time you bought everything it was $18 plus tax! I don't mind spending the extra $2 to have it done quickly and efficiently!

Just remember to mention that you read about their service on this site and you too can get a great deal on an oil change!

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