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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Kmart Doubles Shopping Trip! 96% Savings

96% Savings!

Total: $267.63

Total after double coupons: $9.48
(Yes...I said $9.48)

Whew! This was a long trip! I went in at 3:30 and didn't get home until 7pm!

This was a sweet deal here!
There is an American Greeting coupon (on display hanging by the cards). Here is what it states...Buy any 2 American Greeting Card and get $2 off your purchase of wrapping paper or gift bags! (Excludes 99 cent cards)
These Halloween cards are $1 each. The gift bags are $1.67 each. Buy 2 cards and 1 gift bag for a total of $3.67. The coupon doubles to $4(but adjusted down to$3.67)! FREE

Reese's Clusters are $3.50
There are $2.50/2 coupons and $1/1 blinkies found in CVS!
I used the $1/1 to make it $1.50/bag

Colgate Cavity Protection is on sale for $2
I used $1/1 coupons found at Kroger in the pharmacy on a diabetes display!

Raisin's $1.79
$1/1 Q

Garnier Hair Putty $1.89

Combos $1.50 each
.50 each

Kotex Lightdays $1

Kraft Easy Mac $1 each

Oust $2.99
$1/1 Peelies on bottle

Gillette Men's Shampoo $4

Pledge Duster Refill $2.50
.50 each

Dove Frizz Control $3.99
$2/any dove hair product

Edge Shaving Gel $2.29
$1/1 Kmart Coupon up front with weekly ads
.29 each

Fautless Starch $1.19

Glade Fabric $3.79
$1.50/1 and .80/1 Kmart Q found up front (stacked)

Lysol Spray $4.50
.50 each

(Center of table)
Nuk Pacifiers 2pk $2.99
$1/1 Home mailer
.99 each

Desitin $2.99
$1/1 home mailer
.99 each

Trident $1.19
.09 each

Renuzit $2.50
.50 each
HOT TIP: There is a $1 catalina that will print out for each one of these you buy...they will allow you to use these on the current order and they will double them!

Endust $4.00

Carpet Fresh $2.49
.49 each

Revlon Nail Polish $4.19
$2/any color product
.19 each
FYI:You can only use 1 of these in 1 transaction...the computer beeped when the tried to scan the 2nd because originally I had 4 of the same coupon and the coupon specifies that you can only use 1 per purchase...so I took the other 3 off of the order!

Wisker Lickins' $2.50
.50 each

Pounce Cat Treats $1.29

Glade Carpet Deodorizer $2.19
.19 each

Purina Healthful Life Cat Food $1.99

Resolve $4.50
.50 each

2 pks of sidewalk chalk marked down to .25 each!

I also used a $5/$50 found here when you sign up for email alerts.

I also used 4 $1 off your next order coupons that printed out from the Renuzit purchased that were doubled to $8 off!

I tried my hardest to watch the computer and how she was manually inputting the coupons.

This is the routine...they have to scan all of your items, then scan all of the coupons once, then go back and manually take off the doubled amount plus take off the tax. I can't quite figure out how the tax was calculated but it looks like she just used the tax on the amount of the coupon itself. i.e. a $2 coupon would equal to .14 in tax. They were following the email that corporate had sent down with the instructions...it was chaos!

They kept apologizing for taking so long...45 minutes to check out! I was their first customer. I initially had 75 coupons but ended up only using 71 due to the Revlon mix up!

There are a lot more deals to be bought during this promotion. I only buy the things that are 60 or more % off! Not having a SUPER K made me put some of my coupons back because the regular Kmarts don't carry everything!

The Tide is on sale for $5 and using the $1/1 would make it the $3 as reported!
Tic Tac's are .99 each use the .55/2 and get 2 for .90 or .45 each!

Most of the other high dollar cleaning coupons only made the products 30-50% off. I.E. Windex was $4 something and there was only a .75 Q for it! Not a good deal...Publix will BOGO these in the future!

I have another friend who plans to take her $2/1 Pull-up coupons in along with her $2/1 Claritin Q's.

I hope that this inspires someone to check out Kmart's deals! You won't want to pass it up!

Again...if you know of more deals...post them in a comment to the list I created earlier today!

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