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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Free Entertainment Via Cottonelle!


152 packs of Cottonelle...FREE
30 Minutes worth of labor...FREE
Cost: Priceless

In the midst of a basement room overhaul I had to take everything off of the shelves to move them. My sister-in-law was here to lend a hand! The toilet paper ended up in a pile on the floor and an idea popped into my head!

My daughter would be home from school in about 10 minutes and how awesome would it be to create a castle tower for her?

We were able to get her in without knocking anything over but when she tried to stand up the tower came a' tumblin' down!

I think she enjoy this even more than the castle as a whole! Kind of Like a big pile of leaves!

Then a thought occurred to me...I didn't want to leave my nephew out...so we created him a castle fit for a king!

Not just a castle but his very own "Playpen" complete with toys and pillows!

We are working on helping him raise his head to build his neck muscles and what better way to do this than to use an extra thick pack of Cottonelle with Aloe!

He enjoyed it!

Be advised that children shouldn't be left alone...the toilet paper monster will get them and take them to "Toilet Paper Land".

Caught in an everlasting vortex of fluffy white!

We were putting the baby back into the bouncy when...my daughter decided to make a "Toilet Paper Angel"!

This just goes to show what creative ideas you can come up with that will create everlasting memories for you and your child/children! (She's gotta remember this one later down the road!)


Anonymous said...

You should send this to Cottonelle - maybe you'll get some kind of perk!

Great post!

Lissa Miller said...

Great idea! Maybe I should try this and see what they say! Thanks!

April said...


valerie said...

where did you get all that tiolet paper from

Lissa said...

Kroger sales the Cottonelle 4 pks for .99 each. There were 2 different sets of coupons that came out over the last 2 months for .50/1 (and also one for .25/1).

I personally had about 50 of the coupons myself between the two release dates (I get 20-25 papers each week from a friend who works at a freebie newspaper in another county)and I ordered the rest on ebay with money from a present (I had a family member who sent money to me as a gift into my paypal account!).

Over the course of 4 weeks and 2 separate Kroger stores I was able to get all of these for free! I had the stores to pre-order the toilet paper for me so that I would not wipe their shelves clean each time I went in!

They would much rather have their customers order like this when you get more than 10 of one specific product! It makes it fair to the rest of the customers!

Most other stores sale this 4 pk for $1.19 - $1.29 each so the next time you see a .50/1 coupon and your store doubles...stock up!

Beth Moore said...

So creative and frugal all in one post! I bow down!

Lissa said...

I am thrilled at the comments and emails that I have been getting in response to this post! I absolutely love giving everyone a good laugh now and then! I hope everyone has enjoyed my frugal endeavor! LOL

Lisa Sadie said...

Hi Lissa - love the post. I sent my husband on a mission to Kroger in Waycross to see if they had the .99 Cottonelle - they did - but I forgot to give him the coupons. I went back the next week and they were not there and we have both been back twice and they don't have the 4 packs. Do you think they quit carrying them? I will be in that area in the next few weeks and will check again. I really want to take advantage of this deal. Of course, by the time I get back, my coupons will have expired so I will be on the search.

Again = great post.

Lisa Sadie

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