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Thursday, November 13, 2008

This weeks Publix Shopping Trip!

Here is what I bought!

3 GE CFL Light Bulbs $3.59 each
Used $1/1 Manufacturer coupon
stacked with
$2/1 Publix Advantage coupon (green flier)
Price: .59 each

4 Bags of Nestle Tollhouse Morsels BOGO ($2.50 or $1.25 each)
Used 2 .75/1 coupons from nestle website and 1 $1/2 blinkie found next to product!
Price: .63 each

4 College Inn Broths BOGO ($2.79)
Used 4 $1/1 coupons from the winter savings booklet
Paid $1.58 for 4 of them!

1 Blue Bonnie Butter .89
Used 1 .50/1 manudacturer coupon that a friend gave me (had food lion symbol on it?)
Price: FREE

4 boxes of Nabisco Saltines BOGO ($2.79)
Used 2 $1/2 Kraft IP coupons
Paid: .89 per box

2 pks of Halls Naturals $2.99 each
Used BOGO Publix coupon from Advantage Flier
Stacked w/ BOGO Manufacturer coupons (one that was given to me)
Price: Both were FREE

Cottonelle Toilet Paper $6.49
Used $1/1 Publix Coupon from insert
Stacked w. $1.50/1 from home mailer
Stacked w/ $1/1 Kroger coupon
Price: $2.99 (wasn't sure if they would allow 3 coupons but the cashier said that it was ok!)

2 Covergirl Eye Shadows $2.99 each
Used 2 $1/1 Manufacturer coupons
Stacked w/ 2 $2/1 Publix coupons from Advantage Flier
Price: FREE

4 Dixie Salts (2 Kosher & 2 Reduced Sodium)
Used 4 Publix coupons for .55/1
Price: .24 each

$5 off instant deal WYB 10 items from yellow flier

6 Martha White Muffin Mixes @ $4.80
1 Hungry Jack Potatoes @ $1.69
1 Pet Evaporated Milk @ $1
2 Pillsbury Frostings @ $3

Used 3 .55/2 Martha White coupon
1 $1/1 coupon WYB Hungry Jack and Pet
$1/2 Frosting Blinkie found next to product in Publix last week

- Instant $5 taken off at register!
- $5/30 CVS coupon that was emailed to me!

Price: $1.84 for all of it!

Total: $101. 53 Shelf Price
Paid: $18.67 OOP (After Sales & Coupons)
Savings: 82%


Megan said...

Are you shopping at the Publix in Cartersville? How are you able to use internet printed coupons? I was told no IP coupon that was over .50. I've even gotten hassled over trying to use any IP coupons less than .50, so I don't even bother now. Just curious.

lissa said...

I have used Internet Printable coupons from day one at Publix here in town! I also know, first hand, that many others have also used them at this store! Sometimes the cashier's do not fully understand the stores coupon policies and it looks like this is what happened in your case! I am sure at one point they did not accept them...but I am positive that I have used them there for more than a year now with each weekly shopping trip!

My suggestion would be to go to the customer service desk to ask for the manager. I would let them know that in the past you were told that you could not use those coupons and in a friendly manner ask for them to explain their policies for you! Make a mental note of the persons name or write it down.

One of the things that I train individuals on are knowing each stores coupon policies. Publix has the most versatile policy of them all! They accept so many different types of coupons and sometimes it can be confusing to a new employee. If there is ever any question about the use of a certain coupon I go to the store manager and ask. If you speak to a manager and this happens to you again in the future...you will be able to say "I have spoken to (manager's name) and was told that Publix accepted internet printables as long as they were not for "Free" products. Has the coupon policy changed over the last couple of weeks?"

The cashiers can't always assume that the customer is right (because there are so many out there that try to abuse the coupons policies everyday)and will almost always check with the manager on duty to prevent themselves from getting into trouble by taking a coupon that they are not suppose to accept.

If you speak to the manager you will have peace of mind for the next shopping trip. You will know what you can use and what you can't! There is no formal coupon policy on their corporate website.

Jay Dickey is the store manager at Publix here in town! He is a very pleasant individual and I am sure that he will be happy to assist you with your questions!

Sorry I rambled but I hope that this helps! I want you to be able to take advantage of the same sales as I do...and there are so many more great deals that you can get with the internet printables!

Thanks for writing Megan!

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