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Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to do with 10lbs of bananas!

Ok, so maybe some think I may have went overboard with 10 lbs of bananas, but to run across clearance organic bananas was a real treat! I bought every bunch they had out!

1. I brought them home and immediately cut them all up into slices! 2. I lined 3 cookies sheets with wax paper (shinny side up) and placed them all on there next to each other.
3. Some of the parts were more ripe than others and I left those pieces whole.
4. I stacked all 3 pans on top of each other and placed them in my deep freezer (this will allow all of the piece to freeze individually. When I take them out...I can place them in separate bags knowing that they won't all stick together!)5. I am going to let them freeze over night!

Here are some of my ideas for using them!

  • The whole pieces are going to make smoothies this weekend (when my husband is off to enjoy them).
  • I will also make a wonderful banana pudding one weekend with our Sunday dinner.
  • I plan to make a 2 Banana Pudding Pies to take to my family Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • We will eat them as a great frozen snack all by themselves (If you have never eaten a frozen banana you should try one! They are great! We pick them up with toothpicks and my daughter thinks that is the fanciest thing!)
  • We will also have them on top of some waffles and pancakes for various breakfasts!
We all often run into great mark-downs on items but may pass them up because we know that we can't use them as fast as they need to be used! I won't have to buy bananas for at least another 4 weeks! Paying $3-$4 for one month's worth of bananas is something that can easily be done! Stores mark them down on a weekly basis (sometimes sooner depending on whether or not they are organic or regular)! Most stores charge in the thirty cent range for these ripe bananas compared to their .64-.69 competitors!

I challenge everyone to be creative and let us know what you did with your bulk clearance score!

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