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Friday, December 12, 2008

Daisy Sour Cream Coupon

Go here to print yours!

Note: Once you click the button to print the coupon your printer properties are prompted and the window comes up allowing you to print as many of these coupons as you would like!

This coupon doesn't expire until January of 09'!

Kroger has their smallest container of Daisy sour cream on sale for $1 so it will be free!

Publix also has their Daisy products on sale for 25% off. Look for the smallest container and it may be free! (Not sure of the price yet!)

Even though the coupon allows you to print as many coupons as you would like, please know that some stores frown on the excessive use of more than just a few at a time! I would recommend 2-4 maximum in one trip. If you store doesn't practice this method...then get all of the free sour cream that you can!

The coupon itself says "DO NOT DOUBLE" but the bar code starts with the number 5 and all grocery store computers are set up to double these types of coupons!

If the bar code starts with a number 5 the coupons will double if they are .50 or less!
If the bar code starts with the number 9 the coupon will NOT double on 99% of all instances!
Stores that manually have to enter a doubled coupon could very well deny the doubling of this coupon! Our local stores should all double it though!

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