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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tip of the week for CashCrate Users!

Shortcut for "yes" and "no" answers while completing surveys!

When you get to the part of a survey where it has you select either "yes" or "no" to a long list of items...take this shortcut!

Select "no" for the very first one and then press the ALT key and the "=" key.

This shortcut will select "no" for all of the answers!

Additional Tip: You will be required to select "yes" to at least one of these but you can go back and select just the one rather than selecting answers for each individual button!

Each time I stumble on tips like this I will share them with everyone! This will aid you in faster completion of the surveys! I will try to have one tip each week until we all are able to master the program!

For more information on CashCrate view my recent article here!

If you haven't signed up yet please use this link here and help support SavingYourCents!

My Stats for about 20 minutes worth of time!
  • December's Earnings: $11.70
  • Pending Earnings: $16.00
  • Points: 22

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