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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CVS Shopping Trip 1/20/09

Here is the breakdown...

4 Trial Size Boxes of Crest Whitestrips @ $5.99 each
Used: 4 - $7/1 coupons found on box adjusted to $5.99 for each one
Price: FREE

18 Reese's Whips Candy Bars @ .50 each
Used: 9 $1/2 coupons
Price: FREE

1 Excedrin @ $1.99
Used: $1/1 found on box and $1/1 CRT
Price: FREE

3 Cards @ .99 each

1 St. Ives Lotion @ $2.99
$1/1 Lotion CRT and $2/1 IP
Price: FREE

Total: $53.73
Used $3 ECB's

- 48.58 in savings and coupons

Total OOP: $0.00 (Placed $2.15 on gift card)
ECB's Received: $3 for 3 card purchase!

Total Annual Budget: $5200.00 ($100/week)
YTD Spending: $114.15
YTD Remaining: $5085.49
Total YTD Savings: $974.34


Greg said...

Where did you find your samples of whitestrips? Melanie

Lissa said...


The Crest Whitestrips "Trial Size" were on the toothpaste aisle.

There were little hooks, in 2 separate places, on the top shelves that had the boxes hanging from them.

If they are not there in your store maybe you can find them up front or near the pharmacy. They could also be by the samples baskets. If your store has a display of Crest on any end cap...check there also!

If you can't find them at all...ask someone to help! One of my cashiers, that I love, said that she had gotten them free the other day. I went looking for them and couldn't find them...she showed me where they were!

Hope this helps!

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