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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ingles Triples Notice

Be sure to check back with me later tonight! I am compiling a list of items to purchase during their triples event!

There are tons of free and close to free items!

I can't wait to share them with you!


Coupon Mommie said...

My abundance of Kroger stores around me are where I shop 99% of the time. I saw Ingles was tripling but they are slightly out of my way and their coupon policy is way different than Kroger.

So, question to the Ingles Queen: Do they base the $10 on retail, sale, or after coupon price?

And what is your opinion of this triples event? In comparison to the current Kroger's Mega event I don't think it stacks up to the last Kroger Mega event so just wondering about your Ingles take.

Lissa said...

The $10 is based on the sale price before taxes. I won't say that it is hard to take advantage of doubling or tripling coupons at their stores but it does require extra work!

Just to give you an insight! I went through my list. Decided on what I wanted to buy (in denominations of 3) and came up with a total of coupons that I wanted Tripled. I totaled up the amount of the sale items and I didn't have enough "money" to be able to follow their 3 for every 10 rule. I had 45 coupons and I needed $150. I was only up to $101 so I added other sale items with coupons and am going to take advantage of their hams that they have on sale for .98/lb regualr $2.28/lb.

I can save much more money at Kroger and Publix. I usually only get to save around 60% at Ingles and I usually save 70% or more at the other 2 stores!

Once in a while they have really good deals on items that have coupons that do NOT need to be doubled (ie $1/1 etc). I take advantage of those sales with no worries about how much I am spending!

This weeks Kroger Mega Event has few items that are really good to me (I love it when the items are free or very close to it). They have had better in the past. I would have to say that the Kroger mega event is far better than the sales at Ingles.

Ingles often puts items on sale for 2-3 weeks at a time...ONLY adding a few things here and their to each weekly ad. They don't change their sale items out enough for me! Some may like this idea...to be able to take advantage of a sale price longer but for me it doesn't do any good other than when it's for meats or produce.

Kroger is FAR more an interesting store with the abundance of Manager Specials. I love going in the morning to see what I can find on sale! Most of the time I pick up bread, meat and produce this way for pennies on the dollar! Be sure to read my discount meat 101 article...it explains how to find these items in each grocery store if you haven't been able to locate them before. I based the article on my Kroger trips though!

I hope this helps!

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