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Monday, January 19, 2009


I ran across some information that I thought I would share!

Kroger is having their "Mega Event". When you purchase 10 of the items that are listed you will receive an instant $5 off of your order at the register.

This site (Stretching A Buck) is in a different region than me and her prices may vary somewhat from ours locally. Go here to read her list of coupon match-ups!

Go here to visit Cincinnati Cents for more match-ups!

Here is another site you can check out for match-ups!

As one we can find great deals...but together we can find GRAND deals!


savingwithasmile said...

I just love your "As one we can find great deals...but together we can find GRAND deals!" That is a such a true statement. Did you make that up? I hope you not mind I posted it on my blog but I give you credit for it. You should pat yourself on the back for that one!!!!!

Lissa said...

Thanks for commenting on that quote! I have always believed in the old saying "two heads are better than one".

Part of what I do on my site is list the deals that I run across and link to those who see things that I may have missed!

My goal is to give everyone the opportunity to see as many deals as they can before they step foot into the grocery store!

One of the things that I noticed before I started my blog (as a reader of other blogs) is that I was visiting more than 5 sites just to get the information on 1 store!

It took me a long time to narrow down which sites were very thorough in their coupon match-ups. Sometimes I see things that are really good deals and they may not have it listed on their site! I usually list the items for each store that are free or close to it (yielding the highest savings) because these are the things that I buy each week (the loss leaders). For those would like to see the match-ups regardless of the savings (just in case they need something that week and just want to get a good deal on it)I link to other sites who have already done the work!

In addition to believing that "together we can find grand deals" I also believe that if someone has already done something...why do it twice! If a blog has already listed the really good deals...then I will link to it instead of writing an article on it! This saves me time (writing the article) and allows for my readers to check other sites out!

Many of us who view the blog world view many sites daily! I am constantly finding more sites that I like on a weekly basis! I won't even begin to tell you how many are in my favorites!

Thanks for letting me know that you appreciated that saying! When individuals leave comments...it makes me feel like my work is worth something...knowing that it is being used in your advantage!

I'll be sure to check you site out!

I hope we can talk again! Lissa

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