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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Kroger Shopping Trip

Mega Deal items purchased:

4 Jars of Pace @ $1.99 each
Used 4 .40/1
Price: $1.19 each

11 bags of Steamers @ $1.50
Used 11 .50/1 coupons
Price: .50 each

6 cans of chili @ $1 each
Used 3 .55/2 coupons
Price: $4.35

7 bags of Shredded Cheese @ $1.99 each
Used 7 $1/1 coupons
Price: .99 each

2 bags of Cheetos @ $2 each
Used $1/2 Kroger coupon
Price: $3

I purchased a Total of 30 items for the mega deal...I received $15 off of my order instantly!

Soft Scrub Cleaner $1.64 clearance
Used .50/1 coupon
Price: .64

9 Lysol wipes & scrubbing wipes were $1.64 on clearance
Used 9 $1/1 coupons
Price: $5.76

1 bag of No Yolk Noodles @ $1.29
Used $0.50/1 coupon
Price: .29

Manager Specials:

Bananas .74
Bread .79
2 pks of Dinner Rolls $1.38
4 Bread Bowls $1
2 pks of hamburger buns .98

Total: $121.66
Total Savings: $97.34
Total OOP: $24.32
80% Savings

Total Annual Budget: $5200.00 ($100/week)
YTD Spending: $215.90
YTD Remaining: $5000.88
Total YTD Savings: $1164.30


Anonymous said...

Was all this in one transaction? Just curious, because my Kroger only doubles 3 of the same coupons, and I see that you bought 11 steamers.

Lissa said...

All of this was in one transaction. I have never used this many coupons before (the same identical one) but they all went through just fine. I have heard of other stores limiting the number you can double and apparently your store is one of them!

I think the most I have used before is 6 or so. I very rarely have that many to use at one time!

If you store is O.K. with this...then separate transactions may be the way to go for you! I have done separate transactions for their mega deals in the past but again this may depend on your local store!

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