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Sunday, February 8, 2009

75% off of books at Kroger Starts 2/8/09

Kroger has tons of books on clearance for 75% off.

I went in on Saturday and the sign said 75% off but when I scanned the first book it had only taken 50% off!

The manager came over and since the display of books were right behind the self-checkout line he could easily see the 75% off sign.

Kroger has the "scan right" guarantee but because I had tons of books in my cart he asked if he could give me the first one I scanned for free and wait until 2/8, which was when the sale was actually suppose to start. I really didn't mind at all so I put the rest up instead of sitting there for another hour having them try to figure out how to ring of 30 or more books as overrides.

I went back in after midnight and grabbed the ones I had put back!

I purchased 41 books @ $204.16
- the 75% savings
= $53.77

I plan on keeping a few for my family and as gifts. I will be selling the rest in an upcoming consignment sale!

I am including this purchase in my budget because the money came out of my budget. Once I sell the books I will add back in the amount of profit I make.

This was a really great find and I hope you are able to find them in your store!

The display is a cardboard bin. It's background is yellow and it has red and black writing on it. I believe that it said "Value Books".

There are tons of children's books for all ages, recipe books, do-it-yourself books, etc.

Total Annual Budget: $5200.00 ($100/week)
YTD Spending: $269.67
YTD Remaining: $4930.33
Total YTD Savings: $1368.46


Becky said...

Thanks for the post. I wasn't as lucky. I found the bin today and the 75% off sign, so I picked up 12-15 of my favorites (mainly for gifts, a couple for my son). I went and checked out, and they all rang up 50% off. They called whoever was in charge of that section and she said there were only certain books that were 75% off, and said that the sign listed the UPCs of the ones that counted. So that kind of stunk. I decided to just get one--a Nemo one that I knew my son would love. BUT I was at a different Kroger and decided to check out the books there, and on their 75% off sign it listed the UPC codes as well. BUT the picture had the Nemo book that I bought on it--so I am going back and getting back my savings. I don't like the tricky advertising.

Lissa said...

Sorry you ran into a problem.

My store didn't have the split up percentage off list but had it advertised a day early for the 75% off.

I had to make a special trip back later that night (after midnight). The store manager said that as long as it was past midnight that the books would be 75% off.

I stay up late most of the time anyways but I didn't really want to be at Kroger from 2am until 2:45am waiting for them to roll the prices over but I was...

It was almost as if I were causing an inconvenience asking them to go ahead and roll the prices over to the next week but they did it anyways...and the books were 75% off!

I'm glad you got a couple...maybe they will mark the rest down for you in that store!

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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