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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coupon Resources Series: Resource #1: Direct Contact

At The Readers Request: Welcome to my new series on coupon resources. Over the next few weeks I plan on writing many articles showing you where to find more coupons for the things that you use in your home!

I have received multiple emails requesting information on how to find more coupons and I am answering those emails with this new series!

Resource #1: Contacting the manufacturer directly (to have them mail you coupons)!

Why you should consider contacting a manufacturer for coupons?

Many times there are products that each family uses over and over (your staple products or luxury items)...some of these products may very rarely have a coupon released for them!

For example:
I love Heinz Ketchup...I simply won't eat any other brand. In the last year they have only released 1 coupon (and that was summer of 08'). I wrote an email to the customer support group explaining why I loved their product and how I wished that they sent more coupons out for their products. I gave my address at the end with my signature and 2-3 weeks later they sent me coupons in the mail along with a thank you note!

Another example is Mission. I wrote an email to them stating that I loved their product and explained why. Again, I stated that coupons very rarely came out for their product and 2-3 weeks later they sent me coupons in the mail....coupons for FREE Mission Tortillas!

Other examples include...
Specialty products (such as gourmet,organic, or a product that is made by a smaller company)
Bread companies (Sara Lee, EarthGrains, etc)
Produce companies (green giant)
Meat companies (Tyson, Perdue,etc)

It has been my experience that the larger companies do not respond as well as the smaller companies. Many of the larger companies already release coupons for their products in the newspapers or online.

Releasing coupons for a product is a very expensive form of advertising and the larger companies can absorb that cost while the smaller companies cannot. The smaller companies more than likely have coupons but will have less in quantity due to overhead costs. This is why they only send them out at your request!

If you have a product that you purchase but never get coupons for it...consider writing or calling the manufacturer! More than likely they will send you some coupons! Occasionally I have not been able to acquire coupons and will receive an email stating that they do not have any available to send at this time (for these responses you can wait a month or two and try again if you would like).

It only takes a minute or two to write an email to show your appreciation for their product and, in my opinion, definitely worth the time!

Here is an example of what you could write...

Dear XXX,
I have been purchasing (product name here) for (length of time) and I wanted to let you know that (give reason of why you like their product...list all pros).

I would love for you to add my address to your mailing list for upcoming promotions and coupons! ( You could also just ask them for coupons if you wish to...if you have any coupons available at this time, I would love for you to send them to me!)

(your address here)

TIP: If you plan on contacting more than one company you may want to create a word document to use as a template. All you would have to do is type it up once and change out the product information which would be much quicker for you to do than to type a new email each time!

If you have had experience in receiving coupons from a manufacturer using the "Contact" method, please share your story with us and let us know which manufacturer you contacted!

Here is a list of manufacturer's with links to their sites!

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