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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Kroger Meat

I went into Kroger this week and purchased some discounted meat!

As I wrote in an earlier article I have not been going grocery shopping so that I can build up my "meat" fund. I was running low (only about 2 months worth of meat in the freezer and I like to have at least 4 just in case) and decided to forgo purchasing my normal $100 week budget items so that I would not go over budget while I stock up on meat over the next few weeks!

Here is what I found! I ran into the meat department marking the meat down as I entered the store so I found some really great deals!

1 Chuck Blade Steak @ $2.69 (reg. $5.60)
1 Chuck Blade Steak @ $2.78 (reg. $5.78)
1 Chuck Blade Steak @ $2.85 (reg. $5.92)
1 Beef Chuck Roast @ $4.81 (reg. $8.04)
3 Ground Beef @ $2.21 each (reg. $4.20 each)
1 Ground Beef @ $2.18 (reg. $4.14)
1 Ground Beef @ $2.20 (reg. $4.17)
1 Ground Beef @ $2.23 (reg. $4.24)

1.88lb bananas @ .39/lb (reg. .69/lb)
1 head of lettuce @ .69 (reg. $1.29)
1 bag of carrots @ .79 (reg. $1.69)
1 lb of strawberries @ $1.49 (Reg. $2.99)

Total: $56.37
Savings (manager specials): $32.47
Used: $2.50/$10 Kroger Mailer Meat Department coupon
Total OOP: $22.30
Total Savings of 61%!

Total Annual Budget: $5200.00 ($100/week)

YTD Spending: $408.52

YTD Remaining: $4791.48

Total YTD Savings: $2243.70


Together We Save said...

Wow that is great. I work close to Kroger so I run in a couple of mornings a week trying to find deals like that. I have not been so lucky lately.

Lissa said...

Thanks for commenting on this shopping trip!

It is a "hit-or-miss" situation (finding discounted meat). Sometimes I run across really great deals and sometimes they aren't all that great!

Remeber to check the expiration dates even if the packages aren't marked with a manager's special sticker! This is how I find most of my deals (the unmarked version).

Be sure to read my discounted meat 101 article I wrote a while back!

Maybe their are some tips in it that can help you out!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks, Lissa

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