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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap Crab Classic w/ pasta salad recipe!

Kroger often puts Crab Classic (imitation crab meat found in seafood section) on sale for BOGO. If my memory serves me correctly the regular price is $3.29 (give or take .10 or so).

SmartSource.com has $1/1 coupons for this product that will make it around .60 when on sale!

I use this meat when I make pasta salad!


1 bag or box of pasta (can be tri-color spiral/penne/etc)
1 bag of Crab Classic (you can use less...if you see fit! I like a lot of meat in the salad)
1 jar of Artichokes (the marinated kind in spices and oil)
1 can of small black olives (sliced)
1 small onion diced
1 container of Feta Cheese (you can use as much or as little of this as you would like)
Diced Fresh Tomatoes (again as much or as little as you would like)
1 small bottle of zesty italian dressing (with all of that free Kraft we just bought from Publix)(If you already have the bigger bottles then just put enough in for everything to be coated well)

Boil Pasta per directions on box. Allow to cool completely. Add all other ingredients with the Italian Dressing last. Chill and serve.

You can be very creative with this recipe. You can use any vegetables that you have around the house. Pasta salad with just italian dressing, tomatoes, black olives, and feta is absolutely wonderful!

Other add-in options:
Green olives
left over chicken
pepperoni slices
water chestnuts
baby corn
bamboo shoots
green onion
fresh jalapeno diced (watch the seeds...too many make it extra hot)
roasted red peppers
no italian? use olive oil and dry spices
want it creamy? use ranch or mayo with the italian

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