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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kmart Clearance Toy Sale

I went into Kmart last night and noticed a sign on the top shelves of there toy aisles!

"Save an extra 20% on all clearance toys through 5/30!"

I have found tons of great deals at Kmart (to my surprise). I never use to be a Kmart shopper until 2 summers ago! I went in one night...and came out with buggies full of toys for next to nothing! I purchased over $3000 worth of toys for only $400.

Many of there yellow tagged clearance items ring up cheaper than the actual tag says! Remember...if it is something that you would consider purchasing...take it and scan it! You never know how cheap it may be!

Kmart is by far the best clearance store out there! They mark there items down until they are practically free!

Remember that you can still get the $5/$50 coupons when you register for email updates through kmart.com!

Some things I saw...

Little Pet Shops: $5.99 regular marked down to $2.50 with an additional 20% taken off! (the single pets with the housing that stacks with others like it to create a bigger display when you buy multiples)
Various Board Games: Disney Scene It, Are you smarter than a 5th grader, Star Wars, Disney princess dominos, Sorry, etc.
Various Legos (boy sets) for $11 and under.
Hannah Montana: Room furniture, Christmas doll, etc
Barbie: Dolls themselves
Disney Princess electronic games
Tons of Bratz toys were marked down!
Hulk action figures
Polly Pocket: big box with viewable cars on top (i think it was a race track!)
Many baby toys (look for bigger boxed items)(shopping cart: with plastic veggies in roller area and basket under handle)(baby piano with lego alphabet blocks to stack on top)
Dora House: Marked down from $90 to $67 (but could be cheaper when scanned even with the 20% off)
Indiana Jones Mr. Potato heads: sticker said $12 (didn't scan most of these items to see if they were cheaper than the marked price)
Create A Story Games and Game Console itself
and much more!

I wanted to list some of the items specifically because I have seen an item marked down in my store and gone to other store where they are unmarked but still rang up at the clearance price!

Tip: If the item scans and the scanner says "Check Shelving for price" have the associate scan the item with the hand gun/scanner (or whatever they call it!) When they scan the item at the cash register they will get the same message and whatever price is on the item is the amount they input! IMPORTANT: It has been my experience that any time an item scans and says this phrase that it is almost 100% that the item is 90% OFF but you won't know that unless you have them scan it with the gun!

I have even had items ring up at .01 with the hand scanner. They won't give it to you for a penny but they will give it to you for 90% off!

Good Luck! Great Christmas/Birthday present opportunities!

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