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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Publix



6 12pks Dr. Pepper: $20

4 Dixie Plates: $1.49 each

2 Dixie Napkins: $1.99 each

4 Bic Lighters: $1.75 each

4 Comet Powder: .99 each

13 Kraft BBQ: .70 each

7 A1 Sauce: $2.10 each

6 Glad Wrap: $1 each

4 Publix Hot Dog Buns: .99 each

3 Mueller Pasta: .65 each

14 Kraft Salad Dressings: $1.50 each

6 Kraft Cheese Singles: $1.30 each

6 Oscar Mayer Beef Franks: $1.99 each

1 bag of Marshmellows (splurge): $1.29

8 PopTarts: $1.19 each


4 - $1/2 Mfr. Poptart

8 - .50/1 Target Poptart

3 - $1/2 Oscar Mayer Mfr.

3 - $1/2 Oscar Mayer Target

2 - $1/2 Hot dog buns (Food Lion)

12 - $1.50/1 Kraft Mfr.

6 - $1/1 Kraft Cheese Singles Mfr.

3 - $1/2 Kraft Cheese Singles Target

1 - $1/3 Muellers Mfr.

6 - $1/1 Glad Mfr.

7 - $2/1 A1 Mfr.

13 - .75/1 Kraft BBQ Mfr.

4 - $1/1 Cleaning Product Mfr.

4 - $1/1 Bic Mfr.

4 - .50/1 Dixie Plates Mfr.

4 - .50/1 Dixie Plates Target

2 - Free Dixie Napkins Mfr.

2 - B2G1 Publix Dr. Pepper

6 - $1/1 Dr. Pepper Food Lion

1 - $5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $210.87

Total After Sales and Coupons: $17.07

Total Savings: $193.80
The total from today's shopping trips (CVS, Publix, Kroger) was $312.45.
The total that I spent OOP was $34.04
A whopping savings of $278.41!


Gabrielle said...

Now that is impressive!! Way to go!!! Love seeing the photos!

Sara said...

Wow! My husband is sitting next to me and even he's excited about that trip! Ok, so how did you get so many Kraft coupons? Are these some that you have gotten off of the internet? I need to find out more about "buying" coupons

Lissa said...


Before I started blogging I loved looking at the photos (and still do!). I am a visual person and seeing the shopping trips broken down like this made it so much easier when I first started using coupons! I have often found unadvertised deals while looking at others photos as well! Thanks for the compliment!

I love the fact that you and your husband both were excited about the savings! Often I have been asked what my husband thinks of the money that I save at the grocery store. He doesn't get quite as excited as I do but I know that he truely appreciates my efforts! Most of the time I come home and he says "so what did you get for free this time!". It never gets old for me! I have been using coupons for over 2 years now and each shopping trip still amazes me!

Send me an email about buying the coupons online! I will be more than happy to share my recommendations for purchasing the coupons. savingyourcents at comcast dot net!

Thanks for writing!

Heather said...

I'm curious about how you get so many coupons...like the Kraft bbq sauce:)! Also, does that store take ANY other stores coupons? craziness!

Caitlin said...

That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and you make me desperately crave a Publix!

Candi said...

Can I just say that you are a couponing rock star!?!?!

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