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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coupon Myth: No coupons for products I use

I often run into individuals who tell me that there are no coupons for items that they purchase. I try hard not to argue with those who make this statement because usually there mind is already made up....

But...there are coupons for the things that everyone uses. You may just not see them at first glance!

I honestly think that this excuse not to use coupons is really to cover up another hidden excuse. NOT wanting to veer away from the brands that we are accustomed to buy!

Most people buy a specific brand name (or store brand) of a product. As I have learned over the years NOT to be brand name specific I find myself saving a ton of money! I was a Gain laundry detergent user~long live Gain. Once I started using coupons and getting the CVS store brand for free and the ALL for less than $1 (once I even snagged quite a few bottles of Tide for less than $1.50 each) I realized that by trying new products I really wasn't dissatisfied. They all worked the same. The scents may be different (let's not talk about the Mountain Scent Tide~yuck) but they all serve the same purpose...to clean your clothes!

I can be honest about purchasing only Heinz Ketchup and purchasing my meat from certain stores (for sanitary purposes) but I am allowed the luxury of sticking with a few of my favorites because I save so much on the others!

Bargain Briana wrote a great short post here describing how she can bust that myth!

Produce coupons DO come out along with meat and dairy! I don't know a family that doesn't eat cereal and those coupons come out all of the time! Shampoo, Toilet Paper, Steak Sauce, Ketchup...whatever you may buy...the coupons are there! If you are patient...they will come out!

The only exception that I can think of is a family that purchases nothing but organic foods! Although many coupons come out for these products they are harder to find and not in as abundance as every other coupon that comes out! You may not see a significant savings in this area but there are coupons for many of the organic products (be sure to check out my Links Page for a long list of organic printable coupons)

Be sure to check out Briana's post! She hit the nail on the head!


CJ Sime said...

My friend said "all the little pieces of paper," aka coupons drove her crazy and weren't worth the hassel. Plus she didn't want to waste her money on things just because she had a coupon.

Couponing has allowed me to be picky in a way I was never able to afford before. Before I felt tied to the store brand because it was cheapest.

on another note, Heinz is really better? How?

Lissa said...

I have had the same identical thing said to me!

I agree that there are things that you may try because they are cheap with a coupon (things that you wouldn't buy at regular price) but I keep those purchases minimal (usually just one if I am not sure whether or not I will like it).

Now I will purchase many things that I don't need. Usually those are the things that are .25 or less. If I know that someone in my family, a friend, or a local shelter can use it...I buy it...especially the free items (even though we still pay tax on them).

As far as the Heinz goes...my personal opinion about Heinz is that it is thicker and has a better taste than any other ketchup I have tried. To me Hunt's is bland, Del Monte is way too sweet and the store brands are in between Hunt's and Delmonte. To me Heinz has a "bite" to it. I am not sure if it's the seasoning or the type of tomato they use but there is a distinct difference between all ketchups flavor wise!

Of course some may argue but this is my personal preference! I have tried many variations of many products and I would have to say that this is one that I won't budge on! lol

On another note...I am a die hard Breyer's Ice Cream fan. I don't buy ice cream often but when I do Breyer's Natural Vanilla (to me) is the closest I can get to homemade without actually making it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I hate it when people say that! Sometimes, they really don't know and are excited when they find out it's not true. But most times it's an excuse and they will come up with another one later once they realize that you've busted them.

As far as organic coupons, they're definitely growing in popularity and if you know where to look or who to ask you can build up a pretty good stash of them. I'm an organic shopper and I still have an organizer full of coupons for products that I buy!

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