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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have you been thinking about joining Costco?

Costco is offering a great deal right now for new members.

If you join you will receive coupons for...

A Free Rotisserie Chicken

Free Photo Processing

A Free 2lb bag of Kirkland Signature Coffee

and more!

If you have been thinking about joining now is the time! You can go here for the details!

Honestly, I do not have a membership to any of the warehouse companies such as Costco. I have been asked multiple times if the deals are worth having a membership and each time I say that it is going to be based on your family.

My husband and I had a membership to The Sams Club about 6 years ago (before my couponing era) and I can tell you that we never came out of the store spending less than $300.

In my research the cost per unit prices on most of their products are actually much higher than what I can buy on sale with a coupon in my local stores! Between CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Publix, and Ingles I have been able to keep my costs at a constant 84% savings for 2009. I know that I would not be able to do this at a store like this!

Many of you have memberships and are very disciplined when shopping (you have to be not to spend $300 per trip). Many of you have sent emails with information on what you buy there and the trend seems to be that things such as flour, sugar, yeast, etc are the main items you purchase!

Many of the individuals that I personally know say that their cost per unit prices are better than local stores. Of course this is without coupons, so for those that don't use coupons I can see where these products would be a great deal!

It is hard for me to steer away from paying .80 for a box of cereal and free toilet paper. Those prices can't be beat anywhere! :)

If you have any other great buys from stores like this please leave a comment and share them with us! I would love to hear what items you regularly purchase from wholesale stores!

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