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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Making Gift Baskets Using Your Stockpile

Jennifer wrote in to share her Housewarming Gift Basket Idea with us. She was able to put $200 worth of items in for only $20 OOP!

I often give these types of baskets out for all types of occasions.

This past Christmas money was really tight and so I gave everyone a "stockpile" basket. I honestly think that I had more gift appreciation than ever before!

I made snack baskets for the kids and cleaning/food baskets for the adults! Everyone loved them! I was even able to snag some really great deals on DVD's to add to the baskets!

Be sure to check out Jennifer's basket here! She took a great picture of the items!


Sara said...

I did this today! I was in a pinch because we just got back from vacation and I had a wedding shower to attend. Quick thinking led to probably the bride's favorite gift...I used a collapsible market tote I already had monogrammed for them and filled it with stockpile items. She also wants a lesson in couponing now!

frugal southern mom said...

I thing this is a wonderful idea! I would love it! I have you a special award on my blog for you!

Lissa said...

Sara...don't you just love being able to do that! We had a new neighbor move in a few weeks ago and I made a basket for them as a housewarming gift...of course I had to tell them what I did...I have been helping their family learn how to use coupons ever since! It's a great way to make new friends also!

Thanks Frugal Southern Mom...I'll be over to take a look!

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