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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$10 worth of food for free at Schwan's!

Be one of the first 500,000 customers on August the first to go to www.schwans.com/FREE (I will send out a reminder at midnight on Friday to help you remember) will receive a $10 credit on their account.

Please Note: If you do not live on a Schwan's delivery route or if you have ordered from them in the past 14 weeks you will not qualify for this deal!

I did the free $5 deal back in June so I don't qualify for this one :( but if you do qualify there are many things on the menu that fall into the $10 realm. When I did the deal I ordered the 3 loaves of bread priced at $4.99 and it still allow me to use the $5 off.

You do have to pay a $1 delivery fee that will be due at the time that they bring the order to you.

I was weary about pushy salesmen but I was very impressed with the service. When they came to the door there were 2 men. One introduced himself as the manager and the other a deliverer. They gave me a catalog of the upcoming deals and went over some of the current promotions with me (all of 5 minutes worth of my time). They asked if anything interested me at the time and I told them that I ordered from them to try out the service.

They will schedule meetings with you for every 2 weeks or once per month. I asked if I could be on the once per month meeting and they were happy to agree! They came out at the end of July and brought me the new deals for this month and a preview of the following month. I didn't order anything and again it took all of 5 minutes of my time. I asked them not to come back for August and they agreed not to do so (I explained that we could be out of the house by then).

My pushy salesmen fears were pushed aside. Of course, when they deliver your order the first time you can simply tell them that you would rather not have home sales calls and they will do as you ask! Let them know that you would rather order online that way you can think about your purchase before you actually make it!

Overall this is a great deal for you to take advantage of!

I have included some links for you to see some of the great buys you can get with this deal!

Breaded Chicken Patties
: 12 patties $10.49 (you will pay $1.49 for this)
Chicken nuggets: 2 lb bag serves 11 ($1 delivery fee)
Steak: 8 - 2 oz steaks ($1 delivery fee) (This would be my pick!)
8 Quarter lb hamburger patties ($1 delivery fee) (It would be hard to decide between this a the steak!)

Remember that you can order anything on the site as long as it total $9.99 or more (you can combine to of the $5.49 or $4.99 deals, etc)!

Thanks Crystal!

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