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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

$5 off $20 Toy Purchase At Kmart

If you missed my post on Kmarts additional 50% off of clearance toys you can view it here for a list of items that I have purchased (over $1000 for less than $150).

Another great friend of mine, Liz, emailed me a link to this $5 off of a $20 toy purchase here!

Combine this coupon with the many toys that are up to (or more than) 90% off and save even more $$$!


Rachel said...

There seems to be no print limit to that $5 coupon. So today I broke my order into 5 transactions to use 5 coupons, and saved an extra $25 smackers. Woohoo!

Aimee said...

cool! tks!

Sara said...

I wish I had seen this before I went to Kmart last night...We did a major shopping trip like yours. Oh well, I did use $5/50 coupons.

Barbie said...

I went to Kmart in Lawton, Ok for the big toy sale and was very disappointed. It seems that the Kmart that we have here doesn't honor the sales and the prices they have to offer. I called 4 friends and we had 5 full carts between us, but as we talked with a manager we found out that some of the prices we saw were already marked down and he would not honor the additional 50% off. In addition to that we found that this particular store on certain items showed the regular price as the clearance price. When asked about that... the manager blamed a sales associate. I told the very rude manager that if I could easily call 4 friends and tell them about the great deals I would be able to call 20 friends and tell them how they would not honor the sale and about his rudeness. I am going to write the corporate office and share this situation with them.
In the end, after much drama(on another manager's part) he did honor the additional 50% off on the toys that another manager originally had said no to. I really think he just wanted us to leave his store.
My friends and I left frustrated but with some good deals. Nothing like what you were able to get, but we did get a jump on Christmas and birthdays.
Thanks for the post, you are the reason that I headed to Kmart(I try to advoid that place).
Great blog... can't wait until I move closer to a Publix(next summer).

Lissa said...

Thanks for letting us know that they will allow you to do that! I wasn't sure if they would or not! I will have to stop back by to see if I can find anything else! Like I need more toys right! Sometimes you see things a second time...that you didn't see the first!

You're welcome!

ME TOO! I was still able to use the $5 off $50 but this would've been way better!

It's a shame that you guys had to deal with all of that hassle! I have had it happen to me time and time again with coupons and it never gets old...the discouragement! I'm glad that they allowed the extra 50% off for you all.

I had always avoided Kmart too until I ran across such great clearance toy prices about this time 2 years ago! Since then I have found a twin bed frame marked down to $13, a car seat/stroller combo marked down to $30 (from $299.99), Huggies little swimmers for .80 each around Christmas time, 2 baby swings marked down to $4 (originally $69.99) and countless other great deals!

I resale items when I can...and Kmart is a great place to look for stuff to put in consignment sales, on ebay, or on craigslist!

Thanks for sharing!

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