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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Staples Back To School Deals

This is the second week of Staples "Back To School" Deals. Be sure to read below to find out what you can get for free this week!

Staples has 2 types of Rewards Programs.
  • Regular Customer Rewards: Read details here.
  • Teacher Rewards: Read details here.
When staples runs back to school promos you are limited to the number of the same product that you can purchase. The number limit in the current weekly ad applies to all regular rewards members. If you are a teacher your limit will be 25 on all items. This only applies to "Sale Price" items. You will NOT receive more limits to the rebate items.

Once you sign up for a rewards account you will receive a few emails from them each month. Occasionally you will receive coupons and promo codes as they release them. You are notified of upcoming sales in advance.

The "Rewards Program" pays out quarterly (4 times per year). When you receive your quarterly rewards check you can redeem it for anything in the store.

The "Easy Rebate" program pays out upon receipt. If you submit a receipt either online or via mail then it usually takes about 2-6 weeks to receive the rebate check. This check can be used in the store OR cashed at your bank. (Mine have usually averaged on the 3 week mark).

REMEMBER: You can turn in empty ink cartridges (up to 10 per month) for a $3 Reward Credit of $3 each. For example, if you turn in 5 ink cartridges in one quarter you will receive an additional $15 added into your rewards check. (They use to give you cash in the past but people were coming in with tons of ink cartridges per week so they had to start putting limitations on them!)

What's FREE This week?

Get a FREE PC TUNE UP: Boost Speed & Performance (a $29.99 value)*in-store only*see associate for details

ANY 1 BOOKBAG: (Limit 1 per mailing address): You can buy ANY backpack for ANY amount of money and you will receive that amount back on your rewards check. (You will have to wait until September for this reward.)

Zebra Cadoozles 0.7MM mechanical pencils (10pk): $2.99 with a $2.99 Easy Rebate: Limit 1

Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens (medium, blk)(5pk): $4.99 with a $4.99 Easy Rebate: Limit 1

Pentel Handy Lines retractable assorted highlighters (4pk): $4.99 with a $4.99 Easy Rebate: Limit 1

Staples Slim-Line pencil sharpener: $15.99 with a $5.99 instant savings and a $10 Easy Rebate (Limit 1)

What's NOT FREE but still a good deal?

Staples photo supreme 81/2X11" paper (50pk): $12.98 with a $11.98 Easy Rebate (Limit 2)

EXPO bold color dry erase markers (4 pk): $1 after instant savings

Pentel RSVP 5 pk bal point pens: $1 after instant savings

Samsung LCD Monitor (18.5 inch): $99.98 (regular $169.98)

Memorex CD-R media 100pk: $14.98 (reg. $39.98)

Targus CD/DVD album: $14.98 (reg. $39.98)

Memorex DVD Media 100pk: $22.98 (reg. $59.98)(+R &-R varieties)

Coupons Available:

Staples WILL Accept Office Depot coupons as competitor coupons (please call ahead to verify at your store).

Office Depot has recently released a few coupons. All Expire on 7/20/09 so act fast!

$20/$100 here
$15/$75 here
$10/$50 here
$10/$40 here

Here is a scenario for you if you like freebies...

1 Zebra Cadoozles @ $2.99
1 Zebra Sarasa @ $4.99
1 Pentel Handy Lines @ $4.99
1 Staples pencil sharpener @ $10 ($15.99 - $5.99 instant savings)

Total OOP: $22.97 plus tax
Receive: $22.97 in Easy Rebates

Pay ONLY Tax for these items after the rebates!

If your store accepts Office Depot as a competitor then you will want to throw in a backpack for $17.03 OR MORE and use the $10/$40 coupon (the coupon can only be used if your total is $40 before tax).

I can probably bet you that there will be backpacks for $19.99 but you will want to look for the one closet to $17.03 without going UNDER (maybe $17.99 or $18.99?)!

Total OOP: $22.97 plus the cost of the backpack minus the $10 coupon. You will receive $22.97 back in Easy Rebates and the full amount back from the backpack as Staples Rewards. This becomes a moneymaker scenario with the Office Depot coupon (you will profit $10 off of this transaction after you receive your rebates and rewards!)

If you see any other good deals that I might have missed be sure to leave a comment!

I hope that there are more penny items next week! I am surprised that there weren't any this week!

1 comment:

Steve said...

Do I just print the Office Depot coupon or should I be seeing it in my newspaper?

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