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Monday, July 6, 2009

Super Toy Clearance Deals At Kmart This Week!

Huge Kmart Toy Clearance Sale: Get an additional 50% off of ALL clearance toys!


New Coupon Found...$5/$20 toy purchase here to sweeten the deal!

I opened my Kmart ad yesterday morning and immediately went to Kmart! I had stopped by Kmart last Thursday to do my weekly scouring of the clearance products and knew that today would be a good shopping day!

Kmart is running and additional 50% off of their clearance toys this week! I have verified this in 8 separate stores all over the state of GA and it should be national! You can go here to pull you ad up. Flip through it and look for the yellow banner running across one of the pages for the advertisement or you can call the store (my store had signs up all over the aisles also!)

The image below is in my ad on page 10...

I saw some toys last week that I knew I wanted if they were to mark them down again!

Needless to say that I purchased over $1000 worth of toys for only $150! YES $150!
Click on the images below to view them in more detail!

I wrote an article previously about why I like to shop Kmart's Clearance. You can read it here if you missed it!
The 4 biggest items were 2 Little Tikes play kitchens that were originally $129.99 and I only paid $16 each for them and the 2 Dora Play Houses that were originally $89.99 and those were marked down to $11. Another great mentionable toy was actually found in the electronics department. It is a Little Tikes my first real digital video camera that was originally $99.99 and it was marked down to $12.50! I used the $5/$50 coupon that you get when you sign up for the newsletter on kmart.com. I also received 2% back on my Kmart rewards card ($3.00) and I received a CRT coupon for $5 off of a $25 purchase on groceries and toiletries that I can use over at Publix tomorrow!
I was thrilled to get such great deals on these items! Kmart never disappoints me with their clearance!

UPC numbers if you want to call your store to see if they have the Little Tikes Kitchens or Dora Houses!

Kitchen: 0 50743 60074 6
Dora House: 0 27084 52423 9

Hope this helps!

2 dora houses @ reg. $89.99 each
$11 each

2 Little Tikes Play Kitchens @ reg. $129.99 each
$16 each

1 Little Tikes Digital Video Camera @ reg. $99.99

Fisher Price Stage @ $59.99

2 Sequence Board Games @ $41.99 each
$5 each

Bratz Charms Game @ $19.99

Bratz Hamper @ $14.99

High School Musical Board Game @ $19.99

Build A Bear Chirstmas $19.99

Ear Buds @ $14.99

Barbie Atm Bank @ $49.99

VSmile Art Studio @ $39.99

JUst Kids Mega Activity Set $15

Whiz Kid @ $59.99

Moonsand @ $39.99

Basketball game @ $19.99

Polly Pocket Race to the mall $69.99

Little Pet Shop Keychain/ pencil sharpener $6.99

Cabbage Patch Kid: $39.99

Total Retail Value: $1018.82

Total After CLEARANCE PRICES: $149.52

Total OOP: $122.52

(used 2 $10 Kmart Rewards Gift Cards and $7 on Kmart Gift Card)


Meghan said...

Thanks so much! We're celebrating my 3 nieces birthdays in 2 weeks and I was worried about what it would do to our budget!

Aimee said...

tks for such a informative post! i see in your 2nd photo the fisher-price sing-along, i believe toy, has a mirror and some instruments- corner of photo.

i was wondering how much was that particular item? i've been eyeing it for some time, but it's pretty darn expensive! tk you!

Marcie said...

Thanks so much for your toy clearance post. I ran down to my local Kmart after reading it and got some great toys: Spiderman, Playdoh, etc. for Christmas presents. I love getting an early start! Please keep us posted of any great toy sales you find!

Lissa said...

I always keep a stash of money to the side for Christmas. I actually save all of the change in my household and once every 3 months I deposit it into an account specifically for gifts like this! I'm glad you are going to be able to find something within your budget!

Yes...it is! It was marked down to $30 and with the 50% off I only paid $15 for it! It's original price was $59.99! I hope this helps! When I went into a second Kmart this toy wasn't marked as clearance but when I checked the price it rang up as $15 also!

I'm glad I inspired you to get in the car and go! lol The funny thing is that I have done the same myself! If I see a tip good enough I will make a special trip too! Kmart ran the last two weeks worth of sales with 20% off of their clearance toys. I am hoping that they do the same with the 50% and run it this week and next week! The thing about it is on Mondays the corporate office sends down a transmission to marked their clearance items down even further! I can't guarantee that anything you were interested in would be marked down even more but it's worth a trip if you see that they keep the sale going on!

I want everyone to know that you need to scour each and every shelf...look high and low! Another tip is to look at the blue tags on the shelves themselves! There wasn't a clearance tag on the play kitchens but I saw that the blue tag said "now $32" with the word clearance above it! You have to treasure hunt in Kmart but it is so worth it!

I hope everyone finds great deals!
Thanks for writing!

Stacy said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you would tell me which K-Mart you went to. I live in the Atlanta area but the closest K-Mart to me is about 30 minutes away and I didn't want to drive all the way there if that was the one that you cleared out...LOL!!! I am sooo hoping to find the Little Tikes Kitchen. My daughter would LOVE it!!!

Macomb Money Savers said...

What an amazing post! I'd LOVE to be able to find deals like this...and I may just have to check out my Kmart soon! Thanks for sharing!

Lissa said...

I grabbed all the good deals from the store in Cartersville...just North of Atlanta! Good luck on the Littel Tikes Kitchen!

You're welcome! I hope you are able to run across some great deals yourself! I ALWAYS find really good deals at Kmart (and before I never shopped there!)

I would love to hear more about what everyone finds! Be sure to come back and leave a comment on your great deals!

Stacy said...

Thank you Lissa,

I just got back from K-Mart and I got a few really good deals, but I couldn't find the Little Tikes Kitchen :( I am going to send my husband to another K-Mart tomorrow to look.

However, I did get over $200 dollars worth of stuff for $32.

Thank you for the heads up! Now my Christmas shopping is almost done for my daughter (and it's only July...LOL)!

Lissa said...


I Love It! Thanks for coming back to share your savings with us! I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that your husband is able to find the kitchen for your daughter!

You've heard of Christmas in July right? lol

Thanks again!

Tiffany said...

Hello. I called my local store and OF COURSE...they don't have either two items I want, the Dora Dollhouse and the Fisher Price Kitchen. They said if I gave them the upc, they could look up and see what the nearest store is that has those items. I hope its not asking too much but is there ANY chance you would mind looking up the upc to those items and posting it. Thank you so much in advance. I appreciate your time.

Lissa said...


The UPC for the kitchen is...050743600746

The UPC for the Dora House is...027084524239

I hope this helps!

Kelly said...

Holy carp! It looks like Christmas at your house! What a freakin' awesome deal. Definitely worth checking out! Hope the KMart closest to me has that kitchen!

Maven of Savin' said...

Holy Smokes - as my 5 yr old would say. Now I just need a place to dump the kids so I can go!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!! I will link you back!!

Julie said...

So you said that mark downs take place on mondays. Does that mean I can go in Monday morning and get the great clearance, or wait till tuesday?

thanks, Can't wait to get to my Kmart today!

Anonymous said...

Going to my kmart ASAP... but was wondering what the UPC for the digital camera is? I have been wanting to get my son one but they are expensive if I can get it Im gonna be so excited.... Thank you

Maven of Savin' said...

If they mark down further, can we take in receipts for a price adjustment??

Lori said...

Wow! What great deals!! I checked & our store has the same clearance sale so I'll have to go over there tonight to stock up for Christmas & bdays!!! Thanks!

Donna said...

THANKS so much for sharing these great Kmart deals with me/us!! I am NOT a Kmart shopper at all. And I am new to couponing and know very little. But I gathered my coupons and went to Kmart today. I saved $48 with coupons alone!! Then I saved an addl. $118 on their sale priced items. BUT the toys is where I saved the most!! It was awesome! I ended up going back to Kmart again and came home with as much as I did the first time. (Got to use the 10 coupons again as well.)
But with the toys the regular price for all the toys I got was $734.17. But I saved $585.92 and only spent $148.25!!!! I was in awe! I got all sorts of $20-$25 games for $2-$5! I got $40 toys for $7.50-$10. I got several things for $1!!

Only negative to the deals were the cashiers. None of them had been trained on how do the "double" couponing and it took forever for them to do it. Like literally, 2025 minutes just for them to take the double coupon portion off my bill. Then I had to go back into Kmart, both visits, to get money back for things that did not ring up correctly. Thankfully, Customer Service was alot nicer and more helpful than the cashiers.
I just had to say THANK YOU and share my deals as well!!

Lori said...

Wow, I just got back from Kmart and while they had the 50% off clearance toys sale going on there was hardly anything on clearance. I didn't see any of the stuff people are posting about here, and most of the stuff wasn't even marked clearance.

I got one game for $2.50 and that was it. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your post! I got the kitchen and Dora doll house as well as a Leapfrog National Geographic Tag Reading System bundle, it was marked at $52 but rang up for only $8.50!!!! This was a great deal as the tag itself is about fifty dollars. Just wanted to let everyone know to keep an eye out for it...

Sariah S. Wilson said...

Thanks so much for this post. I knew about the 50% off (because I discovered it when I went to use my double coupons), but I had no idea that some of those things were on clearance (as they weren't marked).

The one thing I wanted to get for my daughter this year for Christmas was a kitchen set. My store had the Little Tikes set, marked $32 with a blue tag (but no clearance sticker, just like you said) and I got it for $16! I am so, so, so excited about that.

I've saved about 75% so far on all the nice, name brand toys that I've brought home. It has been so awesome!

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness; after reading your post my husband and ran to K-mart. We were so excited about all the stuff we found and we even found the kitchen set for $16. I also want to let you know that I called before hand and gave the upc code and they told me they didn't have any. There were two there, one I got and one we saw in another shoppers cart.

thank you soooooo much!

The Higgins said...

My neighbor and I just came back from our Kmart adventure (thanks to you!) and I got $337 worth of toys for $91! The biggest thing I got was the Power Wheels school bus. It was $115 and I got it for $13.50! Thank you so much.

Tiffany said...

Can you double check the upc on the kitchen, and if you have the one for the camera, that would be great.
The Higgins...what is the upc on the school bus? Would love to get that for my son. Thank you again!!!

Lissa said...

Little Tikes Camera UPC: 050743608728

I double checked the Kitchen UPC and it was the same number. The only thing that I can figure is that the item is discontinued and the UPC code may not be in some systems if they have already sold out of them? I am not really sure. Jenna said that she called and gave the UPC and was told that they didn't have them but when she went into the store...they had 2 of them???

I want to thank each and every one of you who have emailed and left comments about this find! I am so excited to hear that most of you have been able to find great deals on toys this week!

If you find any more of the bigger items please post the UPC if you have the time to help others look for these items! (the more expensive ones marked way down!)

I have been trying to tell everyone I meet about how good the deals are at Kmart...most don't shop there as many of you have said! If you have the time...stop by once per month or so to scour the entire store! I have found so many things for 80% or more off within the last 2 years! It's really worth the time (if you have it). I have never left the store empty handed! I always find something to give as a gift or for any other reason!

Keep an eye out for .99 clearance clothing over the next few weeks along with additional percentages off of all other store clearance!

Thanks again!

The Higgins said...

The Power Wheels School Bus UPC


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! The kitchen and Dora house don't look like 16 and 11 based on their clearance tags, but I checked them on the price scanner since I saw them on this post and got them! I didn't do as well as some, but I spent about 143 and got 620 dollars worth of toys! I was lucky enough to get a kitchen. Even though I didn't need it, one of my great coupon friends did for her little girl that will be 2 next month! Again, thanks for spending your time helping all of us!

Sherry said...

OMG i can't believe it!! I was at K-Mart last night and was looking through the clearance and was like Nah not cheap enough i didn't realize it was an EXTRA 50% off the mark down price IS THIS CORRECT????? I am going X-Mas shopping TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

TRCC Duchess said...

I just wanted to say thank you, thank, and a BIG thank you for posting this find at Kmart. Because of your post our Christmas for our 3 children and our nephews' will be much better than last year. I could not belive the deals that I found. I dragged dh and the dc's with me to do my shopping and in no time had 2 carts full. But, dh stopped me from going overboard so I put some things backs. But we have a great head start this year thanks to you.
Take care and thank you again!

CouponChic said...

just found your blog and LOVE you for posting this!!!
I NEVER go to our Kmart...they never double...and they're just too high.
I went...saw the clearance tags..and almost left...until I checked the prices with the scanner...OH MY GOSH...
I'm hitting every Kmart in Vegas!!!
Sending lots of love and sunshine your way!!!
THanks a million!!!

Carrie said...

So I found two of the kitchens, but they are ringing up clearanced for $48. I didn't get one but the cashier said they will do price adjustments if it goes cheaper in 7 days. I really want it. Shoudl I go back and try to get a price adjsutment next week?

FloridaBargainHunter said...

Again, THANK YOU for this post!! A lot of the items I got did NOT have clearance stickers on them, so you just need to run them under the scanners in the aisles to make sure. Also, some of the clearance items have had 2 reductions and sometimes the lowest price is not the one of the sticker.

Don't forget to stock up if you do charity Xmas giving - Toys for Tots, Angel trees, homeless shelters, etc!

I was able to use my $5 off $20 coupons for every separate $20 purchase, which was an added bonus!

I found almost everything you listed, plus:

Hannah Montana Living Room set $4.50

Batman Dark Knight vehicles
$4.50 (I think!)

Handheld games (Tetris, Connect 4, Cube etc.)

Speed Racer RC Cars

Eyeclops Bionic Eye

My Little Pony Playset
(Big - I think it's a Fitness Center)

Cars Boardgame

SH said...



Anonymous said...

Love your site! Just wanted to share I found the iCoaster on sale for $11 that was a Great find original price was $89. If you have boys they will love this toy. Thanks

Crystal said...

Thank you so much posting this! I went to my Kmart and because of your pics I was able to get two things that were not shown marked down at the store! I only purchased two items, but I was able to get $110.00 worth of toys for $20.00!! Thank you!!!

Janessa said...

I went today (Monday) and got $605 worth of toys for $101! Most clearance items were scanning at the price on the yellow sticker but at 3 different stores I found certain shelves full of items clearanced to $4.99 regardless of the sale or clearance sticker. Two stores didn't have a sign up or anything, I just stood there and scanned a bunch of toys, throwing the 4.99 ones in my cart! LOL They have so many clearanced toys to clear out... I suspect we'll be seeing more drops in prices! Can't wait. Love your blog!

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