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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Ingles from last week!

I am way behind in getting my shopping trips posted up from last week...they take a little while to break down for you so we will start with a simple one!


All I bought was chicken legs...16 packs to be exact! Of course they just can't put the sale price on the receipt, they show the regular price and then a minus $ amount for the sale! Maybe it's not so simple :)

Each pack contained 5 legs...enough for dinner for the 3 of us plus 1 leftover for lunch the next day (for my husband to take to work)!

1. $1.33
2. $1.47
3. $1.54
4. $1.41
5. $1,57
6. $1.57
7. $1.41
8. $1.46
9. $1,35
10. $1.46
11. $1.55
12. $1.59
13. $1.39
14. $1.51
15. $1.37
16. $1.37

I used $1 Tyson coupons on each pack!

Total Before Sales & Coupons: $42.62 Total After Sales & Coupons (including tax): $6.05

Yes...I just paid $6.05 for 16 packs of chicken...unreal! This is the best deal I have gotten on any type of meat...ever!

Plans for a gazillion chicken legs...Boil, Bake, Fry. Chicken Salad, Soups, casseroles, pot pies, etc. My favorite chicken leg is fried (when soaked in buttermilk...the way granny use to do it!) add a little tarragon into the dry flour mix and it's heaven!

This chicken will make approximately 16 meals or more and will last us for at least 3 months or more (because we don't like to eat chicken everyday). I have frozen chicken for up to 6 months and never had a problem with freezer burn. I wrap all of my meats in butcher's paper then foil and place them in ziploc bags (enough meat for whatever meal I plan to cook with it). I also label what meal it will be for with a permanent marker on the outside of the ziploc bag!

16 meals for of meat for $6.05 is a pretty darn good deal to me! This price makes it $.09 per serving assuming that I will make 4 servings with each pack! Throw in some free rice and free veggies from prior trips and you can't beat it with a stick! How about feeding your family of 4 for $.36???

Did I mention that I LOVE COUPONS?


~Joan said...

Where did you get the coupon?


Lissa said...

Hi Joan,

The coupon that I used expired on 8-11 however more have come out since then.

The new coupon can be found in the 8/2 Smart Source insert.

If you have a Kroger they have the split chicken breasts on sale for .99/lb. If your store carries the 2 pks you can get them for .15 - .95 per pack with this coupon!

Tyson is always on sale somewhere...hope this helps!

Debbie said...

Wow, Lissa! You did great!

I took my $1 Tyson Qs to Kroger, but they didn't have any 2-packs a week or two ago.

Of course, it never dawned on me to use them somewhere else! DUH!

I hope I remember this little tip and your blog next go 'round!

Good job!!!

Lissa said...

My Kroger didn't have the 2 packs until this week! Try checking again! They were with the new shipment...every other time they have had the 3 packs!

Tip: These coupons beep at the registers...I had them beep at KRoger and Ingles...don't know why but they cashiers just pushed them through!

Ingles is the only other store for me that carries the Tyson chicken. Their packs are also the 3 packs. I just lucked up on the smaller packs of the legs being on sale! Usually they price the family packs for .99 not the small ones!

Thanks for the supporting comment!

I hope to hear from you again!


momma-lana said...

Good job! Our Ingles is up to their old tick off the customer tricks and would only take one coupon per tranaction last week!!!! Going to have to be something really great to get me in that store again anytime soon! Food Lion carries Tyson chicken too. It is always what is on sale in my area.

Candi said...

Totally awesome! There is a new recipe for "oven fried" chicken drumsticks in the Woman's day magazine. We tried it last week for the Krispie Ranch Chicken...you mix dry Ranch seasoning with Rice Krispies and coat your drumsticks. They were so good!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this and a little confused. How did you get so many of the same coupon? Thanks for your great blog! Sarah

Lissa said...

Hi Sarah,

I get anywhere from 7 - 20 of the same inserts each week (depending on how good the coupons are). I have the Atlanta Journal Constitution that are sold in 2 packs for $2.50 each and I usually buy 2 of those. The rest of the coupons come from my local freebie paper. Sometimes I trade coupons or even buy them on eBay if they are good enough!

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks, Lissa

Amber said...

Wow! I just found your blog through Money Saving Mom and that was an amazing deal.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

That is a great deal!

Last night my family of 7 had dinner for less than a dollar.

We had a can of green beans .44
tomatoes from the garden 0.00
stuffing that was given to us 0.00
turkey; I bought a 20 lb turkey for $6 last November. We ate about .50 worth; there is a lot leftover.

I love getting great deals on meat!

Lissa said...

Thanks for stopping in Amber!

Gotta love those almost free meals! I try to have as many of those as I can...and it happens more often than not!

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