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Friday, September 25, 2009

My First Shopping Trip In My New Town! Kroger

My new Kroger is right around the corner from me (literally minutes away). In addition to the store being so close it is also one of the (what I call) Mega Kroger's. It's brand new, has a Starbucks inside, has an insane organic and wine section and overall is just plain heaven!

I was so excited to see that the self checkouts had a bigger turn style bagging area in addition to an extra space for weighing the bags to accommodate a bigger shopping trip.

My old store had none of this so I am very excited to have this new store at hand.

Today I went a little junk food crazy but with 1 brother, 5 sister-in-laws, 12 nieces & nephews, 6 cousins, 2 sets of grandparents, a set of great grandparents, my best friend (and her family), my husband's best friend (and his family), and tons of other friends from childhood along with many more new friends...I can't have enough of it to share when they all may stop by at one time or another!

We plan on having great big dinner's and sleep-overs for the kids so anything that we can get our hands on for cheap to feed such a monstrous crew will do just fine. Of course, their will be plenty of healthy food to go along with it!

Since I have not spent my $50 per week budget in 6 weeks now I have a surplus of grocery budget money in addition to the surplus balance that I had prior to the grocery shopping halt. I would love to spend it all but I plan on being disciplined enough to make it count!

This week I will go over and probably will for the next couple of weeks while I start creating my stockpile again.

Here is what I bought today!

10 Fruit2O 18 oz Waters @ $1 each
Used: 10 - $1/1 coupons
Price: FREE (Just happen to see this while I was in my store!)

3 Lysol Pourables @ $1.64 each
Used: 3 - $.50/1 coupons doubled to $1 each
Price: $.64 each

3 Lysol Kitchen Cleaners@ $1.59 each
Used: 3 - $.50/1 coupons doubled to $1 each
Price: $.59 each

3 Lysol Bathroom Cleaners @ $1.59
Used: 3 - $.50/1 coupons double to $1 each

10 Jello Gelatin @ $.77 each (Mega Item)
Use: 5 - $.50/2 coupons doubled to $1 each
Price: $.27 each

1 Kraft Dressing @ $1.19 (mega item)
Used: .55/1 Kraft Family Food Magazine coupon
Price: $.64

4 Buitini Pastas: 2 @ $1.49 and 2 @ $2.49 (mega item)
Used: 4 - $1/1 coupons
Price: $1.49 and .49 each

4 Digiorno Pizzas @ $3.97 each (mega item)
Used: 4 - $1/1 coupons
Price: $2.97 each

2 Purina One Cat Food Bags @ $4.49 each (mega item)
Used: 2 - $3/1 coupons
Price: $1.49 per bag

2 Kraft Bagefuls @ $1.49 each (mega item)
Used: 2 - $1/1 coupons
Price: .49 each

3 Hot Pockets @ $1.49 each (mega item)
Used: 3 -$.50/1 coupons doubled to $1
Price: .49 each

1 Capri Sun @ $2
Used: $.50/1 coupon doubled to $1
Price: $1
NOTE: This actually rang up at $2.11. Once I pay I always check my receipt. I took my receipt up to the customer service desk and had them verify that he tag on the shelf said $2 so I actually received a refund of $2.17 for their scan right guarantee! They allow you to still use your coupons when the prices scan wrong so I actually got the item for free plus profited the $1 from my coupon!

1 Kroger Buns @ $1
1 bag of 12 hamburger patties @ $4.99 (never bought these before...hope they turn out ok but I do realize that you do pay for what you get!)
1 Steak @ $2.63
1 box of Fresh Spinach @ $1.29 (manager's special)
1 box of Mushroom @ .79 (manager's special)
2.28lbs of red grapes @ $2.26 (.99/lb)
10 lb bag of potatoes @ $2.99

Total: $160.64 before savings and coupons
Total OOP: $49.25 (including the refund for the Capri Sun)

A 70% Total Savings!
(pretty average for my trips at Kroger!)

This trip came in just under my $50 weekly budget but I still have to hit Publix up later on today so I expect my total there to be around $20 or so! I will post that trip later tonight or tomorrow sometime!


Reagan said...

Good Job!!! I'm doing my kroger trip tomorrow. I went to publix tonight and got $200 of groceries and more for only $9. Best shopping trip yet!!!!! I used some of the scotch mailers tonight and they are ordering me 30 more! Can't wait until the crest whitestrips come in too!!! happy shopping!

Lissa said...

Reagan...make sure you look at all of the scotch items! I just went in tonight and found a lot more on another shelf next to the ones that I was buying in Cartersville! They have colored ones and ones with a shinny coating that are also priced at the $.59 - $.69 mark! Can't wait to do the Whitestripes deal...my store had 8 boxes of them! Hope you got your coupons today!

♥ Rachael said...

Great job, Lissa!

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