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Thursday, October 29, 2009

250 Links: How to write companies to receive coupons!

Kristin (CouponingToDisney) has been working over the last 5 months to compile a list of companies that you can write to receive coupons! She sent over the link for me to share with you...I am amazed by it!

I have done this many times...Mission, Heinz, and so many more companies have sent me free products and coupons in the mail because of this!

You can write to compliment the product, ask about a coupon, or even to complain about a product!

The companies want to hear from you...good or bad! They love the feedback!

Make sure that you go here and bookmark this awesome list that Kristina has worked on for everyone!

Here are the top 29 companies that sent her coupons for free products...just for writing!

  • Bar-S - (complimented) $5 VIP Bar-S certificate and 4 25c off 1 Bar S coupons
  • Beechnut Babyfood - (complimented) $5 off $5 worth of Beechnut products (plus 2 sheets of 6 various Beechnut coupons)
  • Buddig - (complimented) (2) Free Budding Products
  • Campbell's - $2 off any Campbells products
  • Cole's Garlic Bread - (complimented) Free loaf of Cole's garlic bread and 2 30c/1 Coles product.
  • Drano - (complimented) Free Drano product up to $6.75
  • Duracell - (complimented) Free any Duracell product up to 16 ct.
  • Eggland's Best - (compliment) - 1 free dozen of Eggland's Best eggs
  • Fisher Boy (compliment) (1) Free Fisher Boy Product
  • Hostess - (complimented) - 1 Free Wonder, Home Pride or Hostess product up to $2.50
  • J&J Snack Foods - Free pretzels and 50c off other various products
  • Kahiki - (compliment) (1) free product
  • Lakeview Farms - (compliment) (3) free Lakeview Farms
  • Michelina's - (complimented) (2) Free Michelina's products.
  • On-Cor - (complimented) 2 Free OnCor Entrees and one $1.00 off any OnCor
  • Oust - (complimented) Free Oust Air Sanitizer
  • Pepperidge Farm - (compliment) Pepperidge Farm any product free up to $3 and 2 50c/1 Pepperidge Farm Products
  • Raid - (complimented on them for saving me when a wasp got in my house) Free Raid Product
  • Red Gold - (complimented) (2) Free 14.5 oz cans of Red Gold tomatoes and 2 Red Gold 50c/2 tomato products
  • Sally Hansen - (complimented) $5 off a product and (2) $3 off a product
  • Scrubbing Bubbles - (complimented) Free scrubbing bubbles up to $4
  • Simply Asia - (1) Thai Kitchen free product, (1) Simply Asia free product, (2) 50c off Thai Kitchen product and (2) 50c off Simply Asia product
  • Sister Schubert - (complimented) 1 free pack of rolls
  • Skintimate - (complimented) Free Skintimate up to $4
  • Sobe Life Water - (complimented) Free Sobe Life Water
  • Sunsweet - (compliment) Any Sunsweet product free!
  • Sweet Baby Rays - (complimented) 1 free Baby Ray Product and $1 off 1
  • Windex - (complimented) (2) Free Windex products (the coupons were kind of stuck together so it was probably suppose to be 1)
  • WolfGang Puck Soups - (complimented) Free can of WolfGang Puck Soup

Kristin...we know how long it took you to compile this list...it's awesome and greatly appreciated...Thanks!


Kristin said...

Thank you for your kind words and for linking my list. :D

Shawna said...

Love the list. I have one to add. Popweaver popcorn. I think it's popweaver.com I emailed them and complimented them and they sent me two coupons for up to $5.00 value. They sale two package sizes at walmart 8 bags for 2.50 and 24 bags for 5.00. Great for those family movie nights, just pop in a movie and eat your free popcorn.

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